COD Black Ops: Buying Mostly For Zombies?

You do not have to be a genius to know that Call of Duty: Black Ops is going to be a popular game, and is expected to sell in record numbers. There are a number of reasons why Black Ops will sell well, and one of them is because Zombies Mode. However, it has come to my attention that some people will buy the game just because of the inclusion of the undead.

I know how excited gamers got when Zombies Mode was released for World at War, but I thought that this took over the main part of the game. It was as if we waited almost a year for a new Call of Duty title, only to forget about it and try to kill as many zombies as we could.

Black Ops already looks to be an awesome game; I just hope that gamers give it a chance before they get sidetracked with Zombies Mode? Do not get me wrong, it is a lot of fun, and some of the new zombies looks to be much scarier than the previous version.

Are you buying COD Black Ops to play the normal mode in either campaign or multiplayer, or are you waiting to get your hands on some guns and kill a few zombies?

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Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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I am more intelligent than you gamers and I have more money. I have a chiselled jaw and clear blue eyes. Women love me and give a me a happy-shake when i ask. You lot cannot spell.

Vladimir Kovacs
Vladimir Kovacs

I enjoy video games and hate little kids with big mouths. However since I have low speed internet and am unable to play online, so I plan to buy the game for the single player. To answer the article, zombies are my favorite part of the game, however I will finish the story first. Zombies will just make the experience last a little longer for people with slow internet.

I like turtles
I like turtles

Akimbo blades I thank you I hated in MW2 when little kids bitch about quick scopers and stuff.So,you keep putting these juvaniles in place

Brad Masonnn
Brad Masonnn

i want to know whether people buy CoD in genral just to play multiplayer because they have no life? and also why is it rated 18, 15 yeah okay but 18 is just redickules(cant spell that word) who in the right mind plays on fucking video games ay 18+ those people are just soo sad and really have no life 🙂

Just Bob
Just Bob

Is the new COD: Black ops using steam as a multiplayer interface? If so I won't be buying it…..

Alex Campos

im ready to poop on everyone in multiplayer because this game is simply to easy. zombies is gonna be cool. buuut….. ill stick to firefight, so much more intense

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