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COD Black Ops: Ascension Zombie Map – New Weapons and Perks

We have some good news for those of you who are searching for gameplay information on the upcoming Ascension zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops, as although we didn’t see any footage in the latest trailer for the First Strike map pack, we have some information which is just as good.

IGN has written up a report, summarizing the information which Treyarch revealed about the four multiplayer maps which will be featured in the First Strike map pack, due out on Xbox 360 first on February 1st.

While Treyarch made no mention of Acsension during the trailer, IGN have reported that the new map will feature a few new weapons and perks, as well as the inclusion of the Cosmic Silverback monkey, who will steal your perks! We’re guessing that this monkey will come in after round 5, replacing the hellhounds and zombie scientist seen in the Kino Der Toten and ‘Five’ Zombie maps.

As for the new weapons, Ascension will feature the Gersch Device, described as a ‘Black Hole Bomb’, and Matryoshka Dolls, which we’re thinking is some kind of claymore / monkey bomb type weapon. Will the Gersch device be the new version of the Thunder Gun? – hopefully we’ll have more details on this soon.

As for new perks, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be at least two new additions. These are the ‘PhD Flogger’ and the ‘Stamin-Up’ perks. We’re not sure exactly what each does specifically, but we’re guessing that the Stamin-Up perk will give you unlimited sprint or something along those lines.

We’ll let you know when we receive fresh details on Ascension. What are your thoughts on the new perks and weapons? – Do you like the idea of a perk-stealing monkey?

Written by Alan Ng

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  • some new things they could do:
    when you get a misery box if you have better weapons you should be able to gift it to someone else.
    bring in some of the old weapons we only have ray gun, mp40 and monkeys (knife bowie knife and grenades obv). like the flame thrower, ppsh, ect. they could also bring in more multiplayer weapons like the ak47, macarov, ect.
    there should also be a choice when you get certain weapons if you want them dual wield or not and attachments because most weapons on black ops are pretty crap without red dot or grip.
    they shouldn't do things like on the cutscene of five end it in everyone getting amazing weapons and then you just start off with a pistol
    i liked dogs because there like zombies (they try to eat your face) and they're relitively easy to kill but then we get to the pikey weapon stealer on five who is really annoying and is hard to kill without an upgraded weapon or some thing like the ray gun but getting 1000 pack a punch after killing him is a good idea. so if there really has to be a pikey monkey it should drop a weapon or a perk after killing it and you should only get the gas monkeys after killing it because i have no idea how turning the power on makes them come to kill you and make you choke on nauseous gas.
    finally there should be a song that is good because onn kino it wasnt that good but on five it was pretty good


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