Chasing Echoes in Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

One of our favorite quests during the review of Skyrim Dawnguard has been Chasing Echoes, which had been filled with objectives and story that kept us glued to Skyrim’s first DLC. As normal you should only read on if you are happy to find out key details about Dawnguard. You start Chasing Echoes after the Prophet quest, and one of the first objectives is to find a hidden entrance to Castle Volkihar.

After entering the castle from the secret passage your next objective is to explore Volkihar’s courtyard, which is part of the moondial puzzle anyway, so you can kill two birds with one stone here. Once you figure out the moondial you head down some hidden steps to Volkihar’s ruined tower and find a lot of skeletons on the way, which can prove a little tricky if you are on the master level. If you like to take a backseat just let Serana do most of the work while you take out the enemies from a distance with a weapon or magic.

Once you arrive at the room where a portal is located it is time to have a good search for a number of items, which starts with a hunt for Valerica’s journal. You will find the journal by taking a right from the door you first entered the room, and then look on the bookshelves to find the journal. After speaking to Serana she will explain how to get the portal open, which takes you to the Soul Cairn.

You can do this by searching the room for some ingredients, which are Soul Gem Shards, Finely Ground Bone Meal, and Purified Void Salts. These have to be put into the vessel at the top of the steps, and then Serana will add some of her blood.

Having the option to become a vampire again — after joining the Dawnguard we never thought another option would come to become a vampire, but during Chasing Echoes you get this choice again. When you try and enter the portal it stops you, and Serana explains that you need to become partially soul trapped or become a vampire to enter. We decided to become a vampire, contrary to choosing the Dawnguard over vampires before, although we’d love to know what choice you made? It will be interesting to see how the game changes after making this choice after joining the Dawnguard, I guess they will not be so welcoming next time we take a trip to Fort Dawnguard.

Now you enter the Soul Cairn and start the Beyond Death quest. We have included a 50-minute video below this article, which gives you gameplay of Chasing Echoes from the start to the end. Feel free to have a watch if you like things explained visually, or if you need help somewhere with a walkthrough.

Did you become a vampire or choose to have your soul partially trapped?

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