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CASE in Point: Selecting the right iPhone 5 case

It happens with just about everyone who has a cell phone: it gets dropped and shatters into pieces. Even if your phone had a case on it, it’s still not a guarantee that the phone is going to be protected. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Shoddy construction of phone cases have led to many shattered and destroyed phones. This costs extra money, time, and energy. This is especially true of the iPhone 5, one of the hottest and new phones on the market. Many people have one and they virtually run their lives through their phone. It has all the function and capabilities that you need and want. It is a really tragic day when a phone of that much calibre gets destroyed because of a drop.

The iPhone 5 is longer and thinner, but regardless of its size it still undergoes a series of dents and dings, but it doesn’t have to under any circumstance. Some of it is natural, but the majority of the time it’s due to accidents or neglect. How many times have we accidentally taken the phone through the washing machine?

Choosing the right iPhone 5 case is necessary but it isn’t as easy as it seems. There is a science to it — or maybe you just don’t care and choose whatever looks good. You’ve gotten iPhone cases before and know how good or bad it can be. Choose the iPhone 5 case not just for the protection of your phone, but for the reassurance that your investment is going to be taken care of.

Choosing the Right Phone Case – There’s no question about it. This is a situation where you have to be select and extremely picky. You don’t want to get any phone case, but you want one that’s going to last a long time.

1) Choose the fabric — It all starts here. I’m not going to sugar coat it — leather is the best to have. Choosing the right fabric will go a long way in determining how long your iPhone 5 is going to last. Leather is a highly durable and highly efficient fabric that provides, in essence, extra protection for the phone. If you took a plastic cover and dropped it, it’s going to shatter. Silicone doesn’t have the strength or the gusto either. It doesn’t nearly absorb as much shock as leather.

There are numbers of other phone cover materials, but they all fail when it comes to the test of time and efficiency. A leather iPhone 5 case is going to get you more use than any other item.

2) Design — Once the fabric is established, consider the design and color. You don’t want a color that doesn’t match your personality. It’s pretty obvious. Or, you can pick one that works for you regardless of your personality. There are multiple color and design choices out there that it frankly doesn’t matter.

Black, brown, green, red, pink, purple — and its entire offspring. Outside of colors you can go with a quilted pattern, or a solid pattern. You didn’t think there were going to be this many options did you?

3) Customize It — Why not? You have the option to customize it however you want. Give it a little more flare with your name or company logo on it. It is also scientifically proven that anyone who has an item that is customized to their liking (or customized with even just a name), they are more likely to take better care of it. It becomes, more or less, a part of them.

4) Flip Down or Back Cover Only — There are even options for that. The flip down phones can come with a magnetic strip. If you go with a back cover one, then only one side is protected and not the front cover. That is still more effective than having cheap plastic or substandard fabric covering the phone.


There is a lot to consider in the way of leather iPhone 5 covers — or covers of any kind. You know what’s best for you, but if you really want to have an item that lasts a long period of time, go with something a little more sure. If you truly look at how many accidents you had with your phone, you’ll think twice about getting something cheap and substandard.

Your phone is expensive and you can’t afford to keep replacing it. I know because before I got serious about finding a good iPhone case I was spending money left and right!

Guest article by Haley Soloman – Haley is a tech enthusiast, works for cell phone and accessories store in Tampa, Fl. Reeves has gone through over $1000 in replacing phones and suggests getting a leather iPhone 5 case or a leather case for any phone you have.

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