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Call of the Dead Zombies Secrets: How to Kill George Romero

Yesterday we gave you a mini tutorial on how to ‘stop’ George Romero temporarily when playing the new Call of the Dead zombie map on Call of Duty: Black Ops, but now we have details and video evidence on how you can actually kill him and stop him coming back for a while.

This method is totally different to the ones we mentioned yesterday, and if you manage to take him down, you’ll actually be rewarded by Treyarch with some generous goodies.

From what we can see, players will need to have the Scavenger sniper rifle menu, and will need to once again lure him into the water outside of the building (Although it does work with other weapons). Once you have him there, you need to shoot a metal plate with the scavenger and have it explode next to Romero to slow him down. Once you’ve done this, keep blasting away at him until he moves closer to you.

Repeat the process over and over again and you’ll soon take him down. Once you have done it, he will retreat back into the water, and you’ll be rewarded with a new perk, a death machine powerup and also the ‘Quiet on the Set’ Achievement! Not too bad at all.

We’ve heard that he does still come back, but it won’t be straight away. We’re also hearing whispers that you can take him down more easily with an pack-a-punched V-R11 weapon, but doing so won’t get you the powerups and achievement. We’ve included two videos below both showing how to kill Romero, skip to 3.25 in the longer video to get to the action.

If you have taken down Romero, let us know how you did it, and if the steps mentioned above is the best way to do it, or if you’ve found a quicker way to kill him and still get the stuff. Look forward to more Call of the Dead secrets soon.

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