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Call of the Dead: Co-Op Easter Egg – Lighthouse Dials Code, Fog Horns, Golden Rod Help

We know a lot of you have been scratching your head on how to solve the co-op multiplayer easter egg secret in Call of the Dead on Black Ops, and we’re pleased to say that the mystery has now been completed. We have steps to ensure you get past the lighthouse dials stage and complete the side mission 100%.

As most of you are already aware, the main easter egg has already been solved in solo mode, but not co-op mode, until now that is. You can head here for details on how to unlock the wunderwaffe on solo mode, but now it’s all about co-op.

We’re going to skip straight to the golden rod stage, and contrary to previous rumors, you DON’T have to shoot a wall inside a cave at the start of the map. Instead you have to solve a series of complex lighthouse dials, and we can tell you the correct code is 2-7-4-6 and you have to input this code from top to bottom. Each dial affects other dials below, so starting from the the top: change the first one to 2 to make a 7 appear in the 2nd dial. After this, change the forth dial until you get a 6. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to return to the 2nd dial and input until you get a 4 in the third dial. Finally, return to the first dial until you get a 2 and 7. It’s slightly confusing to read we agree, but as long as you get the complete code 2-7-4-6, you will complete this step.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the next step is a lot easier, as you just have to activate the four large radios that have noise coming from them, in the correct order. You can find out where these radios are in the video below.

The next step is to proceed to the ship’s cabin as you have to activate the levers just like you would in the solo mode. The correct combination is left lever 1, right lever 3 times and move wheel 2.

Now onto another part which gamers are having difficulty with – activating the green light in co-op mode. This is done by the fog horns you see around the map, as you have to activate them in the correct order. There are four in total, and the correct code is best explained by watching the video below.

Thankfully, completing this step will turn on that green light, and the last step is to shoot a zombie into the green light with the V-R11 and then shoot him again with a ray gun or scavenger whilst he is being sucked in. Doing this will give you the golden rod and complete the easter egg after you’ve given it to Richtofen. Just like the solo easter egg, the reward is the Wunderwaffe and an achievement, but sadly the Wunderwaffe is only for one member of your team and runs out when you’re out of ammo.

Full credit for completing this mystery goes to the Spanish team of Poxe7, DualRevolver, Lefty4711 and Amadoru. You can read their tutorial over on their YouTube description here. We’ve included the video with all the steps below.

Let us know if this guide works for you and if you have also completed the co-op easter egg mystery. Have you found out any new secrets for the map?

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