Modern Warfare Remastered 1.12 update for next big event

By Alan Ng - May 17, 2017

Modern Warfare Remastered launch has finally arrived and many of you have luckily picked up your copies early ahead of the November 4 global release. Now we look ahead to when the next Modern Warfare Remastered update is out on PS4 and Xbox One and it should be version 1.12 or 1.13.

We’ve set up this page to keep you updated about any new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered updates on PS4 and Xbox One that arrive and to give you a heads-up on patch notes as soon as Raven Software make them publicly available – unfortunately it seems that this doesn’t always happen.

Current version history for Modern Warfare Remastered: We are now on version 1.11 after Raven introduced version 1.11 in May 2017 with three new weapons for players to enjoy.


With that said, the next major update for Modern Warfare Remastered should be 1.12 and it will be interesting to see how long it takes for Raven to roll it out, and what they plan to do with the next MWR update to keep things fresh for players.

For those that are still playing, let us know what you think the biggest Modern Warfare Remastered problems are on PS4 and Xbox One and what you need to see fixed first.

Keep checking back on this page and we’ll do our best to keep you updated when new patch notes are released – as soon as the MWR 1.12 patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One are live, we will add them below!

To help us, leave a comment whenever you see a new update land on your console.

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  1. Bobby

    The game was already a masterpiece before you touched it. We don’t need weapon skins or other ideas like that (which have destroy the only interest of the challenges). Add some maps if you want but stop with the cheated weapons. Just let it be the best game ever without changing it into the shitty ones that followed it.

  2. NgTurbo

    1.08 is coming next guys and it looks like Sniper Collateral damage is being added! What else needs to come?

  3. NgTurbo

    Update is live, 1.06 on PS4. It’s 27GB on Xbox One, 9GB on PS4 – wtf? Anyone else confirm these sizes?

  4. Leareth

    I’m still unable to play Multiplayer mode on COD:MW Remastered on Xbox. I pre-ordered the Legacy digital copy and every time I choose MP, it freezes up and no button works except the Xbox home button to manually quit the game. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, moving from external hard drive to internal hard drive, deleting all saved data even from Xbox live, and yes I’m going through the actual Remastered icon and not through Infinite Warfare icon. From day one and now over a month later, still. And so far, nothing has been said or done it seems.

  5. John Desoza

    the health needs to be increased like cod4, the m16 and the desert eagle need to be nerfed.

    1. John Landry

      No they don’t. This is a remaster and is supposed to be as close to the original as possible. Don’t like it? Play something else.

  6. chris

    “Fps” frame per second needs fixed as well as gun-power all seems to be the same but certain guns don’t seem to have that power for you when they do for other multiplayers.

  7. chris

    “TTK” Time to kill needs to be fixed badly, was never like that in the old cod4, would love to see them change the iconic leaderboard back to how the old one was.

  8. NgTurbo

    1.05 is now live on PS4. Raven took a long time to reveal patch notes last time, so hopefully they will be quicker today. Are you downloading it guys? Just under 150MB for me

  9. NgTurbo

    Hi guys, for those that have the game early, 1.04 just went live! Will be adding official patch notes as soon as we get them. Let me know what you’ve spotted new in-game if you are currently in the lobbies!

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