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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Cover Art Leaks, Is it legit?

We have just come across some massive news for any of you who are looking forward to Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty announcement, an image recently showed up on Kokatu which looks to be the cover art for the next game, it is called Modern Warfare 3.

Up until now we have not heard anything from legitimate sources regarding the next game’s name, to be honest Modern Warfare 3 was the most likely name, therefore we wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that the leaked image is in fact genuine.

We have embedded the cover art at the end of this post, to us it looks a bit plain to be the game’s final cover art, however it could be an image which Activision is working on to promote the game, if not it is a pretty good Photoshop. Both previous Modern Warfare titles have mentioned the game developer on the cover art, there is no sign of this on the leaked image.

If the artwork turns out to be legitimate we can finally confirm that this year’s Call of Duty game will be called Modern Warfare 3, before seeing the image Activision dubbed the game Project Collossus.

Do you think the image below has been Photoshopped?

Written by Jamie Pert

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