Call of Duty: Black Ops AKA Resident Evil

When we first learned that Call of Duty: Black Ops was to be released, there were shouts from fans of the franchise that they wanted zombies. There is no denying how popular zombies mode was on World at War, so it was inevitable that these creatures would make it to another version of the game.

However, with the recent news that there could be some crawling zombies, Black Ops could be shaping itself into a kind of Resident Evil. Before there were just normal slow zombies, then they added zombie dogs into the mix.

This is the first time that we have had crawling zombies — yes we did have them before, but that was once we shot their legs off. These new breed of undead are fast, and will take a lot more skill to kill.

A few readers have told us that these are actually zombie monkeys, as there is a trophy for killing a certain amount of them in just 10 seconds. I just hope that we are not all going zombie crazy and turning COD Black Ops into a totally different game. Even Red Dead Redemption has them in now, and this is a game set in the Wild West.

Is Call of Duty: Black Ops turning into Resident Evil?

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • bob

    Great, I bought the standard version now I find out there's zombies in the hardcore version! Ar5e!
    I hope it's released as an add on you can download thro xbox live.

    • TheCatatonicAngel

      More then likely to be released as DC somewhere down the line, just not immediately to give all players who bought the Hardcore and Prestige Editions (Hey, that's me!) a chance to play it first.

  • Darkflame

    I've pre-ordered Black Ops for MP and Zombies.

    I was looking forward to SP when it had co-op but as soon as they confirmed there was no SP co-op, i've been put off completely.

    Co-op is the future of gaming, hopefully by 2012 most SP games will have at least 2 players co-op.

    • totaly agree Co-oP is the future of gaming

      • Lefty5794

        Games are alot more fun when you can play with friends

  • Piemaster1337

    First off, zombies wont replace the multiplayer, i think you prolly need to finish campaign first to play it.
    Also, those people who buy cod game ONLY for zombies, are too shallow, yes cod zombies is awesome, but that doesn't mean you should ONLY play zombies, there is multiplayer, better than any other, until killzone 3 and GOW 3 release, and even then there will be the biggest leaderboard depth and the amazing customization.
    I've played RE and L4D2, and, imo, i like cod zombies better, because i don't want a story when i kill zombies, i wanna shoot them until they heads pop off ^^
    Zombie monkeys may be somewhat the same as a RE zombie (i think they're called crawlers or something) but they're MONKEYS, if you can't have one for a pet…. noone can

    all in all, cod isn't going to turn into a completely different game, like many people before me said, it's a bonus mode in the game, for the lols, for the creeps, for the extra fun

  • afjhgkjhgkj

    its all true Zombies r AWESOME , but only in call of duty, resident evil sucks, red dead sucks, dead rising sucks and left 4 dead sucks!

    • lefty5794

      call of duty and left4dead zombies are good but the rest are crap

  • STFU

    Should’ve just spun off the Zombies into a new franchise imo, I only want the game for zombies and don’t care about the MP or single player campaign.

    • kyle

      wow ur sad

  • Rambo

    I think its pointless just keep it how it should be human vs human, not zombies. If people want zombies so much go play a game dedicated to them. If you think about it zombies has taken time and space up for something else that could have been added to the game or improved on more.

    • Tone

      like what? there's now a money system, new games like wager matches, player customization, and much more. What else could they improve on? Zombies is their "Specs Ops". So no, no time was wasted on zombies, it just made the game even better and more people will be buying the game due to the fact that zombies is in the game.

  • rippa

    hope so, thats why i preordered it – for zombie mode

  • Yannick

    Zombie Zombie Zombie lets all go crazy

  • katon

    NO its not its just adding variety

  • Bass

    “Even Red Dead Redemption has them in now, and this is a game set in the Wild West.”

    Does it really matter what time era it is? WWII or late 1800’s…as long as people have been dying the living have feared that they will rise once again.

  • Cal

    No, I don't think it's turning into resident evil at all. Zombies is a bonus mode, thats it.
    The main story and online multiplayer is the main attraction to this game and will stay that way.

    • JDM

      that's only half true
      in an interview with the developers of treyarch (on gametrailers) they refused to comment when the interviewer asked if zombies might be part of the main story
      this might just be them saying no but if not then this could be resident evil

      • Rod

        well really in that case then mate, the question that has been posed shouldnt be answered until the game is released should it? i mean, how can we all sit here and answer this question without even knowing 100% that zombies will be in the game, at all, and on top of that, having never played any part of the game ourselves. anyone who answers is just as foolish as the next. Wait for the game. Then make your reviews.

        As for those saying zombies on WaW was a waste of time. I dont know what world you live in. The single player campaigns on any COD and any FPS for that matter are not sufficient enough in length to warrant the money spent on them. That simple. Side games are a must as some people prefer not to play online, or even dont have the privilege to play online.

        Zombies was the best side game i have ever played. As for black ops, i guess we can start making comment on this on the 10th of november.

        • Lefty5794

          Zombies is definately in Black ops, if you look on there is evidence


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