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Call of Duty 8: First Details Ahead of Release

Sledgehammer has revealed that they are working on Call of Duty 8, a game that will take the stories of actual servicemen and turn them into a playable video game, the game is reported to arrive next year.

For those of you who do not know, Sledgehammer Games was founded late last year by Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, both previously worked for Visceral Games, Visceral are responsible for games such as Dante’s Inferno, The Godfather II and Dead Space.

A recent Twitter post from Glen Schofield (here) teased the very first details of what is to be expected, here is the tweet “Working w/ military guys- their stories will blow you away. Names/locations will change but some situations going in the game- real stuff!”

With this great news on this to be blockbuster of a game we can only wait and see what it will be like, we will keep you posted as more details are revealed.

Do you like the sound of real-life events in Call of Duty 8? I certainly do..

Source: CVG

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Call of Duty needs to make a WW1 game. It should have an Australian campaign!!!!!


Yeah CoD needs destructible environments. It would make the game more interesting. Also the enemies in campaign should be like real soldiers instead of standing there. I would like to see maps that you would play for ages instead of ones that are small and that are harder to adapt to.


yeah well see how this goes down. will we have tanks, choppers, and flamethrowers, as well as overkill perk? cmon you all know black ops sucks
i want a good official vietnam shooter primarily in the jungle and on riverbeds with destructable environments as well as progressive damage the buttons on the controller can also be tweaked and utilized for different functions as well so lets pray for the best all you cod fans. DigitalFatigue ps3 network id

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