Bulletstorm PC Problems: Do you have any?

Today for those of you who were hoping to play Bulletstorm we have some reassuring news, as a new bug fixing update has been released, which is aimed at amending various problems some of you may have been having with the first-person shooter from Epic.

As reported by Tina Chubb a number of glitches which have been found are to be addressed with the automatic download fix, which Steam is now offering. As well as rectifying the issues PC gamers have been having, the update will also allow for specified matchmaking between players who have purchased the downloadable Anarchy maps.

Those who own the Gun Sonata DLC pack will now find they are matched against others owners of the download. It also includes matchmaking for those who are able to leave the game using the ESC button.

Other problems which people have been experiencing are with the framerate and graphics glitches. The game runs at a maximum of 62fps which isn’t great for those high end PC gamers; however this can be edited by accessing the configuration files. As for the graphics, the .ini file can be used to edit them however some users have had issues accessing it.

You can read more details about the issues listed above over at Destructoid. Have you been experiencing any of these problems? What other problems have you been experiencing? Let us know if the update helped with all your problems.

Written by Chris Cook

Chris enjoys reading most types of news, which includes gaming for the PS3, Xbox 360, and other popular gaming devices. His passion for sports, music, and the latest technology is shown in the news he reports. While the Internet keeps everyone connected, Chris has a keen interest to view the world first hand. This aim is made more possible thanks to being able to report news online from anywhere in the world.



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