BP to Permanently Cap Leaking Oil Well Later This Week

If you have been following the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico you are probably wondering what the energy company plan to do to permanently resolve the issue, well finally the company’s chief operating officer (Doug Suttles) has revealed their plan.

Suttles recently stated that the issue was highly important for BP, he has since stated that they will never produce oil from the well again and plan to permanently cap the oil well with mud.

It has to be said that BP have been doing their utmost to funnel out as much crude oil as possible, however estimates suggest that their best efforts still leave 80% of the oil leaking into our oceans.

It seems as if BP’s best option is to fire mud into the blown-out well, lets just hope it works for the environment’s sake. For fully detailed information regarding the issue check out the detailed source article (link below).

Source: FoxNews

Written by Jamie Pert

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james ballard
james ballard

bp could have stopped this leak right after the incident they wanted to try every thing they could before giving up the well .All this at the expense of our precious God given resources.I say hang em high.


Instead of worrying about ways to keep the well open and make money, BP should have shut the well down from the get go. This has cost alot of peoples lives to be changed and will for some time. Environmental damages will continue to produce dead fish and other mamals who live in the Gulf. Lets hope no health effects are seen from anyone who may eat contaminated fish or seafood from the Gulf of Mexico or there will be more law suits for BP. GREED always gets the GREEDY what they have coming to them.

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