BO3 Revelations Zombies Easter Egg live stream for Step 1

The Salvation DLC for Black Ops 3 is now live on PS4 and that only means one thing – Revelations zombies! We now have the live streams you need to start the BO3 Revelations Zombies Easter Egg step 1 and find a complete walkthrough.

We can tell you that there is a massive surprise as soon as you start Revelations and it involves Origins. We’ll let you find out what that means yourself, but if you want a head start, just watch the live streams that we have included below.

There is two below, one from NoahJ456 and the other from MrDalekJD. Both are two of the most popular community streamers for zombies and we’re willing to bet one of them will be the first to complete the Revelations Easter Egg before anyone else.


If you loved Mob of the Dead, you are also going to love Revelations – it’s really exciting stuff that Treyarch has saved for you.

Watch the videos below and start helping other players with Step 1 of the Revelations Easter Egg below. Have you found out how you do it yet and get the “A Better Tomorrow” trophy by ‘Completing the Cycle’!?



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