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BMW and Mini car lights explained on iPad and iPhone

Keep informed about the specifics of BMW and Mini car lights explained on the iPad and iPhone with CarLights. Also available for the iPod Touch.

CarLights by Fine Mechanics is the ideal application for those owners of BMW and Mini. This app helps you obtain useful information about flash signal indicators in your car. Find out about warning signs and easily use the details of your indicator with easy to read descriptions.

You may need to know what the service recommendations are, or a set of certain details to accompany your model and type. With more than 100 indicators containing information for specific vehicles, CarLights is a useful and easy to use app with BMW hotline numbers for over forty different countries.

The Model ranges of BMW available with CarLights include 1-series 2004-2011, 3-series 2005-2011, 5-series 2002-2010, 6-series 2003-2011, M1, M3, M5, X5M, X6M, X1, X3, X5, X6, and z4. CarLights also includes the full range of mini from old to new, yet some indicators are not totally the same or accessible, so you might find there are a few that are not the exact match.

This application can also apply to other vehicles with limitations. For BMW and Mini, CarLights is informative and easy to use. For more information, head over the App Store.

Written by Marlon Votta

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