B&M add New Disney Stitch LEGO Set to their shelves

If you’re a Disney fan who loves to try and keep up with all the latest products be released, you would know the New Disney Stitch LEGO Set was highly anticipated when landing for pre-order. Since becoming available within the last month or so there’s been a lot of hype with older fans wanting to add it to their collection and B&M have gone and put it out on their shelves.

Stitch LEGO Set B&M

This is a super cute set to be put together and have proudly on display throughout the warmer months, as it does feature a summer theme. Whilst some are happy to pay the price, it does come with a price tag of £59.99.

If you’re wanting to treat yourself, or someone else, you’ll have to be quick through as there’s limited stock, as proven when spotted in the Thanet B&M store. This is all down to how much it’s in demand right now, so it maybe hard to find one in person. With that said, there’s also an option to purchase one via online retailers, especially from the likes of The Entertainer and Bargain Max.

Stitch items are constantly being added everywhere we look, as he’s a really popular Disney character, but we’ve also seen other products performing well in the past. For instance, Home Bargains have been found selling Stitch Travel Mugs and also Primark making sure everything is kept neat and tidy with Stitch themed Storage Baskets.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted with any other hot Disney products in the near future, so make sure to keep checking back.