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Block numbers option on iPhone 5 and iOS 5 needed

This weekend has seen some old iPhone 5 and iOS 5 rumors resurface, and some new details have emerged. While on the Facebook page for a new iPhone rumors website,, we noted a poll asking what news the fans wanted. One of the most wanted features was the ability to block numbers on the iPhone.

With one or two new iPhone models expected this year, and the next major release of iOS, 5.0. We hope that this feature will be added to the new Apple software, and available on both the iPhone 5 and older generations that support the new iOS.

By jailbreaking your iPhone you can get apps that block numbers, but not everyone wants to jailbreak their device, and many users feel this is a feature that Apple should add as standard. Those of you that have had unwanted calls will know what a pain it can be to block with certain networks, including O2, Verizon and AT&T.

If jailbreaking an iPhone were not on your wish list, would blocking a number be something you need for the new iPhone and iOS 5? We know one family that had to change all their numbers, SIM cards to stop unwanted calls. How far would you go?

Is your iPhone jailbroken? If so then we hear that an app called “iBlacklist” can help you block numbers.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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