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BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5, trio of perspectives

There will be a number of situations experienced by users looking at the BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5, which will include new buyers but also a good chance of some Apple owners thinking about trying something new in the form of BlackBerry’s Z10. Today, we wanted to highlight a trio of perspectives for iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10 no matter what your current handset is to deliver a little help in choosing the better smartphone for you.

The first video comparison can be seen above this article and the review runs for just under 12 minutes. You will see the BlackBerry Z10 and Apple iPhone 5 side-by-side plus just about every detail compared. This ranges from the differences in specs to how BlackBerry 10 stacks up against iOS, although it is worth noting that this hands-on looks at the aging iOS 6 and not iOS 7 that is currently in beta 3.

You can see two more videos looking at BlackBerry Z10 vs. iPhone 5 below this article, and they look at each smartphone in their own unique perspective. The first video below our article runs for 10 minutes and the reviewer quickly points out that iPhone 5 is a lot older than the BlackBerry Z10, and will be replaced soon with an iPhone 6 or 5S in around 2 months time. This video claims the iPhone 5 is about classical design and the BlackBerry Z10 focuses more on innovation.

The second video comparison below runs for just under 8 minutes and aims to show 5 things BlackBerry’s Z10 does better than the iPhone 5. This video is certainly different from the other two thanks to its bias perspective, but we would recommend watching it to see if you agree with their obvious favoritism for Z10. Both handsets are running on T-Mobile and again we need to remind our readers that this doesn’t take into account changes coming with iOS 7, but then by the time this arrives for public use so will a new iPhone.

What smartphone wins this battle in your opinion, BlackBerry Z10 or Apple iPhone 5?

Written by Daniel Chubb

Daniel is the CEO of Dansway Communications LTD and founder of; a top blog dedicated to breaking tech news, hands-on reviews and delivers real solutions to everyday consumer electronics hang-ups.

Daniel now spends his time keeping an eye on the latest technology and business trends. Also developing other blogs/news sites in the entertainment and business industries.

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Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones
Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones

One thing the iPhone & Android you can do so much more. There’s more cool apps games etc – love how you can use FaceTime & Skype… I don’t miss BBM what so ever.. Even when BBM crosses over to iOS & Android l wont be using in a million years. I love What’s App & I love Viber. Viber is awesome. I hate BBM for those stupid broadcasting messages and people ping you every 20 seconds which is beyond annoying.. Sorry but BBM is overrated. It’s crap… BBM was one of the Main reasons l had left them… BlackBerry… Read more »

Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones
Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones

The iPhone5 is awesome.. I have the iPhone5 and its the best phone l have ever used. I use it for everything. I own the iPhone4s & the iPhone5… I used to be a blackberry fan – times have changed & l wouldn’t waste one penny of mine on the BlackBerry. Any phone is better than BlackBerry rather bd seen with some very old phone – such as the old Motorola or Nokia3310 than a blackberry. Blackberry is a joke to the smartphone & mobile phone world… Sorry the iPhone5 wins this hands down. Give it up BlackBerry you’re phones… Read more »

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