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Black Ops Call of the Dead Strategy, Beginners route for PS3 gamers

Earlier today we posted 5 simple tips which will help PS3 owners come to terms with the new Call of the Dead zombies map which is included as part of the Escalation DLC, a few people have been asking for help so we thought we would show you a simple route which we recommend for the early rounds.

Obviously strategies and routes depend on how many players are in your lobby, the route we talk you through today works even if you are by yourself, but obviously as there are so many factors which can affect things it is not perfect all of the time.

Part 1: Early rounds and getting the MP40. We recommend not clearing any debris for the first three rounds, this may leave you short on ammo, so stab zombies when possible, but to get more points put a few bullets in them first. Once on round four we recommend clearing two lots of debris and buying the MP40, we have embedded a video at the end of this post which shows you the path you have to take to get there.

Part 2: Save some money. After you have got the MP40 you may have to clear a few rounds to earn some points, if you are still by the MP40 you can jump down and go back to where you first spawned (be careful there are two routes, don’t take a route which requires you to clear more debris). Once here it is pretty easy to kill of zombies until you have enough money to clear some more debris, if you do not get max ammo during this time you may want to return to where you bought the MP40 to get some more bullets.

Part 3: Turn on the power and save for Jugger-Nog. The power is pretty easy to find and requires you to clear one more lot of debris and open a door. Take the route you took for the MP40, but once on the boat go up the stairs on your left and then work your way to the top of it, here you will find a door, open it and go inside to turn on the power. We have embedded another video showing you where the power is at the bottom of this post. Once up here you should be able to save for Jugger-Nog, it costs 2500 points and requires you to clear one more lot of debris, if you become surrounded by zombies there is a zip line which you can jump on, this can also be used to lead George away.

Part 4: Get Jugger-Nog. When you have enough money to clear one lot of debris and buy Jugger-Nog you should waste no time in getting it, however ensure you have a sufficient amount of ammo beforehand. If you are new to Call of the Dead you might be better of getting a crawler for this so that you don’t get cornered. Jug can be found quite near to where you bought the MP40, we have embedded another video at the end of this post showing you the path to Jug, we strongly recommend that you do not stay where you got Jugger-Nog as it is an easy place to get cornered.

Part 5: Explore the map and find routes that suit you. Now that you have the MP40 and Jugger-Nog you can take whichever route takes your fancy, have a few goes on the box and save for pack a punch, you may also want to buy quick revive (which is found on the little island on the water where you began. Over time you will find a strategy which suits your style of play, get exploring and feel free to share the paths which you have success with in the comments section below.

The three videos which we spoke about in this post are embedded below, the top one shows you where the MP40 is, the middle one shows you how to turn on the power and the bottom one shows you where to get Jugger-Nog from, we hope this helps you progress through Call of the Dead.

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