Black Ops 3 1.17 PS4, Xbox One patch notes for changes

By Alan Ng - Oct 3, 2016

Update: We are very pleased to report that the Black Ops 3 1.17 update is live on October 3! You will find the Black Ops 3 1.17 patch notes on PS4 and Xbox One through the link below with Activision due to add them there any moment.

Original article: This is the page where you can check the latest Black Ops 3 updates on PS4 and Xbox One, the next one being the Black Ops 3 1.17 update. Treyarch are always releasing new BO3 updates on PS4 and Xbox One, usually a few major updates per month so the next will be coming soon.

The latest Black Ops 3 update is version 1.16 and it was available to download for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2016, adding support for the Salvation DLC and offering another round of tweaks and bug fixes.

We can tell you that Treyarch usually take a few hours after updates go live on console, to release the patch notes. The good news is that they also appear in the same place without prior warning. That means you can check Black Ops 3 1.17 patch notes for PS4 here and Xbox One here once they are live – two separate sections of Activision’s website as changes do vary by platform.


What do you need to see in the next BO3 update to keep you playing happily? We are surprised that Treyarch has made so many updates to the game since launch, so really nobody can have any complaints that Treyarch hasn’t done a good job for when Infinite Warfare takes over.

Keep checking this page as we will update it regularly to keep you up to date once new patches are released. Participate in the discussion section below with other BO3 players, as it’s also a great way to check when updates are out.

Since the BO3 1.16 list of changes is now live, let us know what you think about the latest patch and if there are any big problems that you have spotted since being out.

What should the next Black Ops 3 update add for you?

Update: As noted above, the changelog for BO3 update 1.17 will be contained in the link above. Activision usually takes around 30 minutes to add the patch notes in full. While we wait, tell us what you have spotted new below in the discussion section or if you are having any instant Black Ops 3 1.17 problems.

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  • help

    On PS4, have over 100gb free, but the patch will not download? Insufficient storage space…

    • EvilestDeath

      The PS4 is ridiculous with limits like that. I had 140 and couldn’t install Doom when I had the disk due to insufficient space.

  • opfer

    What’s new?

  • Jason Jackson

    They need to fix multiplayer! I have 95/11 internet with 8ms ping and it’s a struggle for me to stay positive k/d. They need to take notes from halo and make an even playing field for everyone. Stop giving handicaps and advantages to certain players!

    • Keundre Patrick

      They need to stop all these camper.

    • Curtis Snyder

      short story….fucking lag

  • thrill

    Nothing yet, fix rev ee, maybe super ee live!?!

  • Gen-_-koolzz

    It said 15 GB and “99+ Hours Left”

    • Unbound

      Your not the only one it was so glitchy like wtf was going on.

      • Tony

        works for me. i download italmost two hrs ago

  • NgTurbo

    1.17 is live guys! What has everyone spotted?

    • NgTurbo

      Anyone else seeing a 15gb update???

      • Keundre Patrick

        Its only 1.30 bg 45min Im using my mobile hotspot.

      • Tony

        nope. mine says 258mb around there

    • Keundre Patrick

      How many gb is it?

    • Grandpa’s favourite

      Same issue. If someone has solution, write it here please, your help will be appreciated.

  • NgTurbo

    Yeah patch took a while for me too. Wonder what Treyarch will bring with 1.17.. surely things may wrap up soon with Infinite Warfare around the corner. Any fixes you guys still need to see?

  • Mohamed Moolla

    Well its 1.483 GB and i still got 1 hour for completion

    • Keundre Patrick

      Same here.

  • NgTurbo

    Patch notes are now LIVE guys, links above. Enjoy Salvation everyone!

  • NgTurbo

    Guys, the 1.16 update is live! The links to the patch notes are above, Treyarch are going to add them asap so stay tuned.. what has everyone spotted new so far?

  • NgTurbo

    So the 1.15 update is done and dusted guys, what do you want to see next? Hats off to Treyarch for keeping the updates steady before Infinite Warfare.

  • David Gray

    My update is 14 gb, not 2…

    • Benny


    • Ciphermask

      Mine is 14 gb as well. There are so many things wrong that I don’t even feel like playing though. I got this game so that I could play split screen, but I can’t do that. I looked up videos on how to fix this, and I don’t have the same options available to me that the videos showed. This is frustrating as heck and this download is taking forever.

      • Jeff hardy

        What is ur console?

  • JSN

    What is going to be new

  • NgTurbo

    4 new special contracts guys, patch notes are live through the link

  • Mourn Reaper

    activison has a whole thing about it on there website

  • CHRiS

    Looks like we need to wait few more hours for full 1.15 patch notes.

  • Atif

    Yep same on PS4

  • NgTurbo

    Downloading 1.15 now, big update!

  • Dima

    New 2GB update on Xbox just started, is it 1.15?? Anyone know what it does?

  • NgTurbo

    1.15 is next up guys, what does everyone want to see?

  • NgTurbo

    New version is now out! Who’s downloading and ready for Descent?

    • marioavila1234

      Me am hyped for stalingrade

  • NgTurbo

    Almost two weeks since the last BO3 update, I have a feeling that 1.13 is coming very soon guys

  • Shane Fontaine

    im guessing also includes Specialist Bribes that began today

  • NgTurbo

    Update is only around 45mb, very strange. Not a single word from Treyarch. What have you guys noticed so far??

    • gilberto

      it was an update for to stop a glitch with the contracts that allowed them to be completed multiple times