Black Ops 2 zombies pack a punch weapons with risks

We have some really juicy information for all you Black Ops 2 fans out there, as we now have a near-complete list of all the Black Ops 2 zombies pack a punch weapons, the upgraded guns that you can buy for 5000 points a piece.

Black Ops 2 isn’t due out until November 13, but there are already a lot of people who have the game early. You can imagine that the temptation is too much to bear for most, with countless zombies and Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay videos appearing by the minute over at YouTube.

We have been studying Green Run gameplay videos for quite some time now and we can now bring you the list of upgraded weapons that you’ll get by placing a standard weapon into the infamous pack a punch machine. This time, there is a big risk to take though in survival mode, as Treyarch has placed the pack a punch machine on a bed of lava, meaning that players will take damage everytime they step near the device.

This means that you’ll have to quickly insert your weapon, run away to regain your health and then quickly pick up your weapon once it is ready. While this may seem a little bit naughty from Treyarch, the positives of this is that the pack a punch weapon is very accessible this time around, with players able to access it right at the start of the map, so you won’t need to activate teleporters or solve any sort of puzzles beforehand.

For those that don’t mind finding out the pack a punch weapons list a little early, we’re sure you will find the following information very useful indeed. There are a lot of new weapons in Black Ops 2 zombies and some of the upgraded names are pretty awesome, especially the upgraded AK74U, which will turn into the AK74U-FU-2 when placed inside the machine.

For now, this is the list we have – feel free to write in the comments if we have missed anything out. There are a lot of returning names from Black Ops 1, like the Porter’s X2 Ray Gun and also the popular Mustang and Sally upgraded M1911 pistols. We will be bringing you further zombie information soon, including the latest on solving the popular Black Ops 2 zombies easter egg secret.

    List of Black Ops 2 Pack a Punch weapons

(So far)

MK14: Mnesia
Type 25:Strain 25
MTAR:Malevolent Taxonomic Anodized Redeemer
M16: Skullcrusher
M8A1:Micro Aerator
Chicom CQB:Chicom Cataclysmic Quadruple Burst
AK74U: AK47-FU-2
MP5: MP115 Kollider
M1911: Mustang and sally
Five-seven: Ultra
Dual-wield Five-seven: Ultra&Violet
Ray gun: Porter’s X2 Ray gun
Kap-40:Karmic Atom Perforator-4000
Python: Cobra
DSR 50: dead Specimen Reactor 5000
Baretta M82A1:Macro Annihilator
Executioner:Voice of Justice
Galil: Lamentation
RPD:Relativistic Punishment Device
Olympia: Hades
SAIGA-12(S12):Synthetic Dozen
R-870 MCS:Refitted-870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer
Ballistic knife: Krauss defibrillator (Revive teammates)
RPG: Rocket Propelled Grievance
War Machine: Dystopic Demolisher
Remington 870 MCS: Refitted-870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer

There we have it, it’s not every single weapon yet and there’s a mix of weapons that are in Tranzit as well as Survival. Let us know what weapons you have tried out already.

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