Black Ops 2 update blamed for PS3 problems

It is not hard to find numerous PS3 problems being reported for Black Ops 2, although tracking down the cause of these issues could be a much harder task for the developers and of course gamers as well, but it seems that a number of PS3 users claim to know what is wrong and when the game starting freezing. Not only are Black Ops 2 gamers stating that the patch 1.02 is to blame, but we’ve also heard one PS3 player claim they’ve been told this by store employees at certain gaming outlets.

Vast problems with Black Ops 2 on PS3 with some issues more upsetting — the disruption you’re experiencing in Black Ops 2 might depend on what type of player you are, and how you like to play the game, but being told more players are needed to balance teams is annoying enough. This is especially an issue when you have arranged a time to play Black Ops 2 with friends and family, which is then taken up by a few hours of connection problems.

We’ve two test PS3 consoles in our office and while one has been used with Black Ops 2 over the last couple of days, seeing it constantly crashing and freezing in multiplayer and when playing zombies is not good, which has also stopped us using the game in the other system. We’re sure a number of gamers might find it hard to play Black Ops 2 with all the problems, and hate the idea of their system needing a hard reset numerous times. Has this stopped you playing Black Ops 2 on the PS3?

Being told not to update Black Ops 2 with the patch – it is very strange to hear such claims, but we’ve been contacted by one of our readers that claim they were told not to install patch 1.02. This came from an unnamed gaming store that stated this patch is what is causing the PS3 to crash when playing Black Ops 2, although nothing has been confirmed or denied by Activision in relation to this claim. It is also worth pointing out a few gamers state that patch 1.02 made everything “blurry and low quality“, which considering most users installed this patch before they played the game first time, it’s hard to verify these claims in comparison to playing without the patch.

You only need to take a look at our earlier article that touched on the Black Ops 2 crashing problems with the PS3 system, which is filled with comments by gamers stating their console is “auto-shutting” off during Black Ops 2 gameplay, and the game “freezes when loading up” and while playing zombies some people report the game gets locked with the “same few seconds constantly replaying“, which then needs a reset of the PS3 hardware.

Do you let your PS3 crash and need a hard reset when playing Black Ops 2, or do you wait for patch 1.03? This is the question a number of PS3 gamers are asking themselves, although plenty don’t want to risk damaging their hardware with it crashing and freezing thanks to issues with the latest Call of Duty game. Problems with matchmaking will be fixed soon as Activision reported they are testing server fixes right now, but we can’t help but feel that a Black Ops 2 software update is needed for the more major issues.

Do you feel the patch has anything to do with the Black Ops 2 problems you’re experiencing? If this is the case then it only confirms that another patch will be needed to correct the PS3 freezing problems. You might also want to read our earlier article about the zombies mode and solving the Tower of Babble secret.

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