Black Ops 2 UK midnight release at Tesco, ASDA

You know when a product is a big thing after seeing supermarkets include countdown timers on their website, which is exactly what has happened with Black Ops 2 in the UK at both Tesco and ASDA for the midnight launch tonight. You can see these timers by visiting the online stores, although after popping in Tesco we were greeted by someone at a dedicated Black Ops 2 stand right at the entrance of the store. The guy explained to us that Black Ops 2 will be Tesco’s biggest midnight release to date, and apparently there will be over 600 stores taking part.

We have just under 4 hours to go before Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 meets its UK release, and while Tesco might have more UK stores taking part than any other retailer, we can confirm that you’ll save a few pence by shopping at ASDA. In their usual effort with most products, it seems that ASDA want to state they have a better price than Tesco for Black Ops 2 as well, although we’re not sure what UK store has the best price for the latest Call of Duty game, so feel free to hit the comments with the best deal you’ve found.

ASDA will have 250 UK stores open for a Black Ops 2 midnight launch, so if you want to be one of the first gamers playing on the release date then you can choose from one of these popular retailers. It is also worth pointing out that GameStation is offering Black Ops 2 at midnight from select locations, we hear Manchester is included, although feel free to share details of any GameStation stores you know are open at midnight.

Will you be at the Black Ops 2 midnight release? GAME is reportedly holding midnight parties in over 300 stores, and you can also pop along to one of 450 Blockbuster stores in the UK as well. We’d also love to know what Black Ops 2 deals you found at the midnight launches, so hit the comments and let us know. PR readers should remember that this weekend will be Double XP as well, so make sure you get stuck in, although those of you from the US might want to read our article about GameStop openings.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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