Black Ops 2 sales are negative for UK

If you bought the latest Call of Duty game right away then you might not be bothered about the Black Ops 2 sales results for the launch week, although it is certainly worth taking notice considering we’re hearing that the early sales for Black Ops 2 in the UK show a really negative outlook. We don’t know if there has been any outside influences just yet within Europe, but early indicators are pointing to Black Ops 2 sales being less than the original game, MW2, and MW3.

UK gamers might be saving Black Ops 2 for a gift this Christmas, or if some of them heard about the nightmare PS3 users were having with the game crashing, freezing, and restarting their consoles, but according to this article it seems early Black Ops 2 sales are down in the UK. They state these details have been confirmed by a number of sources, including Chart-Track, and it’s strange considering Activision already confirmed the 24-hour $500m sales record for Black Ops 2. It is worth noting that Halo 4 sales for the first 24 hours were said to be $220m, although that title is just for the Xbox 360, so this figure is extremely impressive.

Did you purchase Black Ops 2 within the first 24 hours, and if so how are you finding the game so far? It is good to remember that the first 24 hours might be higher thanks to dedicated fans, but the first week dropped off in the UK for a number of reasons although the US could see much higher sales for Black Ops 2 in the first week. We’ll update you further when we get the sales results for the United States and other parts of the world.

If you are on the PS3 then we’d love to know how Black Ops 2 patch 1.03 went for you, do you see most of your freezing problems fixed since the update? Yesterday we posted some details on the Black Ops 2 zombies jet gun, so you might want to read about that and see the video in that article.

Written by Chris Cook

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