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Black Ops 2 PS3 freezing delivers corrupt message

We can’t help but feel the new Black Ops 2 zombies mode is the best to date, but at the same time playing the PS3 version has been met with a number of problems, which most notable is the crashing that happens less often since patch 1.03, but still happens. If you own Black Ops 2 on the PS3 then you might have experienced freezing as well, which in most cases means a hard reset and this has led to some big problems that no PS3 gamer wants to see with their system.

Since the launch of Black Ops 2 we’ve been hands-on with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version, so that we can deliver an impartial take on both versions of the game, and while the Xbox 360 version did suffer from connection issues during our time with the game, it has been the PS3 version of Black Ops 2 that has had the most serious problems.

The image you see below is what happens when you keep having to hard reset your PS3, and thanks to Black Ops 2 crashing and freezing it meant a corrupt message had displayed. This isn’t a one-off and has happened a few times a day when playing Black Ops 2 zombies and multiplayer, so having to check the system for corrupt files is not what you want to keep doing, especially considering crashing can cause damage to a hard drive if it continually happens. It is worth noting that this issue is only happening with Black Ops 2 on our review machine.

Have you seen corrupt messages on your PS3 after Black Ops 2 freezes and crashes? Let’s just hope that this problem is fixed permanently after Black Ops 2 patch 1.04, and also hope that it doesn’t take until 1.05 or later to see a fix. It is also worth noting that we’ve had a number of our readers explain the issues went away after the last patch, although just as many are reporting bad crashing still and this is even after reinstalling the game as well. Personally things have got better since the last update, but the freezing problems are still there and happen every couple of hours.

If you’re an Xbox 360 user then you can see the full patch notes for your first update in this article. Other than the freezing in Black Ops 2 on PS3, are you experiencing any other issues and how do you find the new zombie maps?

Written by Daniel Chubb

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