Bizarre Driving Laws and Concept Cars

Are you one for all things weird? Mix that with a love for cars, then your going to love the article we found on the most bizarre driving laws, and a video showing the top 10 bizarre concept cars.

It’s true to say that laws should be followed, but not set in stone, and should be changed if old, out-of-date, or just bizarre. Those of you in the United States that enjoy cross-country vacations should take a look at this article on

It shows the most bizarre driving laws, which are broken down by state. Be warned, some of these are just out right weird. Have a read and let us know which you find the most bizarre driving law.

MSN have featured a video today, and it shows the ten most bizarre concept cars. These include the Nissan Landglider, Aptera 2E, Toyota FT-EVII, Mazda TalkI, Nissan Pivo 2, and five more.

You can watch the video here. Again, let us know your thoughts on these concept cars.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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