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BF3 Back to Karkland problem acknowledged, fix coming

If you are a Battlefield 3 gamer and you have recently seen an error messaging reading “game content not available” we have some good news for you, the guys at EA DICE have apparently located the issue causing this problem and are working on a fix.

This news was revealed by EA DICE’s community manager, Daniel Matros, he used Twitter to announce this and you can see his tweet below:

“We´ve located the issue with “game content not available” for Karkand users. Will roll out a fix in the next couple of hours! #ontheway”

This tweet was posted roughly an hour ago (at the time of this post), therefore we assume that the fix should be live pretty soon, however as you can imagine further details are scarce at the moment. In fact we can’t even confirm whether this problem is affecting all platforms or not.

We found this thread over at the Battlefield 3 forums and it seems to talk about many issues which people are experiencing. The most common problem basically sees people try to join a server, however it says that you don’t have Back to Karkland, this is despite Battlelog clearly showing that you do. You can see one example of the error below:

We haven’t experienced the problem ourselves and after a little research it seems a little confusing as to exactly when this issue occurs, by the looks of things once people have download the “Back to Karkland” downloadable-content they receive an error message when trying to play a game on the new maps. If you have experienced the problem yourself why not leave us a comment below so we can explain to our readers just how frustrating the issue really is (remember to mention which platform you are using).

Have you experienced any of the issues described in this post?

Written by Jamie Pert

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Mark Murphy28

I have the slim ps3 and i went to play BF3 but it just told me that I have to re-install it anyone else having these problems and will i lose my stats on assisgments etc


I just bought the map pack and ran into the issue of trying to join a B2K map and being told to buy the DLC. I tried to restart Origin, and that didn’t fix it. I logged out of Battlelog and back in, and that fixed it. I’d say go with logging out of both Origin and Battlelog then log back in to both.


i preordered the limited edition long time ago. i have all the maps, but when i try to log onto a server that has the new maps, it tells me i don’t have them. i have tried clearing the cache, logging in and out, changing password multiple times, i even reinstalled the game. Nothing is working for me.


This certainly seems to be mainly console users being affected. PC users are saying to close down Origin completely, restart it and the problem (not having the pack) should go away.  Which you cant do on consoles…*tries not to laugh* Some are reporting (PS3 and 360) that only European servers can be connected to, whereas, say, Oceanic cant be connected to and say you dont have the B2K pack.  WHich is almost exactly the same problem they had with the last patch and at initial release, and the problem was fixed over night by DICE. Those that can connect are experiencing extreme rubber-banding… Read more »

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