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Best Skyrim perks – your opinions

Even if you are an experienced Elder Scrolls gamer you will probably be struggling to decide which perks to choose as you level-up throughout your journey. Despite enjoying Oblivion I would still class myself as a bit of a noob, therefore I thought I would carry out some research to help determine which are Skyrim’s best perks.

Before we get started we must quickly state that different perks suit different types of gamers, so our best advice to avoid being a “jack of all trades, master of none”. This old adage basically means if you rank up everything equally you will be average at everything, instead there should be some attributes that you concentrate on more than others. For example: If you don’t plan on using the bow and arrow too much, don’t unlock many of the Archery perks, likewise if you like to obliterate the enemy with heavy two-handed weapons you should concentrate on the Two Handed perk tree.

With all that said you should not completely ignore some skills / perks, what’s the point of being able to dish out damage if you can’t take damage? The Block and Heavy Armor perk trees can’t be ignored! You can see a full list of Skyrim perk trees here, it is worth thinking about the way you are going to play the game before play so study the perk trees for 10 minutes – it may pay off.

A discussion over at GameSpot titled ‘Best perks in Skyrim?’ is well worth checking out, one gamer suggests that you should not waste valuable skill points on lockpicking (unless you really suck at it), instead buy lots of lockpicks and once you level up and your technique improves a little locks get much easier to pick. If you plan on using the bow and arrow a lot the Steady Hand perks are great, they slow down time. Also it is well-worth unlocking Steady Hand as it lets you zoom in on your target.

You can check out this GameSpot discussion here and it may well prove to be a very valuable read, also while we are here we thought we would link you to a GameFaqs thread titled ‘Your Favourite Perks?’ – this shows three pages of opinions.

The important thing to remember is that opinions differ, so what is useful to one person is useless to another, before we leave you we will quickly mention one thing: Apparently during your Skyrim journey you will be told that “Illusion is the most underappreciated school” – this suggests that Illusion could turn out to be a valuable asset during your journey, what do you think?

We would love to hear your opinions on Skyrim perks in the comments section below, therefore feel free to answer either (or both) of the following questions:

What are your favorite Skyrim perks?
Which perks are a waste of time?

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