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Best new iPhone music apps: July 2011

With the extensive range of music applications available, we thought it would be a good idea to let you in on some of the best new iPhone music apps in July 2011. There are so many things you can use music for in your life with different genres and features that you can adapt to suit your mood, lifestyle, hobbies, memories and entertainment. We have come up with a few different types we hope you will enjoy.

Classical Music I: Master’s Collection Vol. 1 available on AppShopper is a free iOS Universal app. This application contains the best collection of classical music with the greatest masterpieces of all time. Number 1 in the world of classical music apps this also is an education and productivity application that will let you access 120 of the best masterpieces worldwide with no internet required. Use this app as a sleep timer or as relaxation for anywhere that you reside. Research has shown that classical music can enhance brain activity and has been known to boost the IQ of listening students. You can also use Wikipedia to discover composers and music details.

iSub Music Streamer for £2.99 is also iOS Universal app available on AppShopper. iSub Music Streamer lets you stream your personal music collection from your home computer directly to your device with no worries about certain size or format. Compatible with Subsonic and Ubuntu One Mobile Music you can access your whole music collection simply with the touch of a button. This app allows you to have the biggest collection of albums and individual tunes of anyone you know. Stream all of your music, even your audio books straight from your home computer directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over Wi-Fi, 3G, or even EDGE and there is no central server to rely on.

iWorkout – Music At Your Pace for the iPhone is £1.79 and available through AppShopper. iWorkout is an ideal app designed for group workout classes and interval training. Create play lists, tweak and individually configure the tempo of each track for your own needs. Adapt the tempo to suit your exercise speed. Slow and speed up tracks accordingly. Generally, people who exercise with appropriately paced music work harder, longer, and enjoy it more. Research shows that changing tempos for all forms of exercise can improve performance from running, cycling to workouts and other sporting activities.

MusicConnect is an iOS Universal app for £2.39 through AppShopper. MusicConnect is a great way to use two iOS devices, or one device with your Mac, to create your own home media system, controllable from anywhere in your home. There is no need to get up and change tracks on different devices you can relax and do it all from one use an old device as a personal remote and change what is playing, search through songs, albums and artists, and create your very own playlist from anywhere within your house. Your devices should immediately locate each other, if not then check your network firewalls.

Vibe Music Mixer is a free iOS Universal application available at AppShopper. This app allows you to mix like a pro DJ wherever and whenever you like. Use a great turntable and CDJ mixing interface quickly learning to play amazing tunes with smooth fades between songs or to mix tracks at a party. Purchase the Mix Your Own Music feature to play your own songs with the Vibe Music Mixer. Become the master DJ or let Vibe Music Mixer mix for you while you dance or relax. Auto mix beat matches your tracks for you with an automatic smooth mix of your music. Upcoming tracks in your playlist are faded in as outgoing tracks are faded out.

Music Spectrograph is also an iOS Universal app available at AppShopper for £4.99. Get a visualization of music and sound much like in a piano roll MIDI music editor. Get a view of the pitch frequencies in songs and speech. See all musical notes and overtones on a graph to help with music transcription. Search for all those notes hidden in harmonic content or just rise and fall in pitch of all the sounds around you. The HotPaw Musical Piano Roll Spectrograph creates a scrolling pitch-centered 12th-octave spectrogram in real-time from mic input, or from iTunes music. Tap the “Song” button to convert and visualize up to 4 minutes songs from your iTunes library. Tap, scroll back and replay certain segments.

Anytune – Slow Down Your Music is a free iOS Universal app that lets you slow down music for easy learning. Available through AppShopper Anytune is designed to help musicians learn to play songs by allowing them to slow down the tempo, adjust the pitch, repeat loops of tracks, create, edit send settings, audio marks and loopmarks using Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email. Slow down a tune so you can play along and listen to individual notes from various instruments. Increase tempos as you progress and repeat any part of a track creating a loop. Anytune calculates and displays the adjusted beats per minute and relative tempo. Import tempo and pitch Settings, Audiomarks and Loopmarks from an email with the touch of a button

Anytune Pro – Slow Down Your Music is an iOS Universal app available for £4.99 on AppShopper. This app lets you try limited Audiomarks and Loopmarks, or purchase Anytune Pro for unlimited marks much like Anytune this app allows you to set marks at precise times in your tracks with “Audiomarks” and “Loopmarks”. Use marks to easily return to a specific point or replay a difficult passage as a loop. You can also add text to marks for reminders to yourself, share ideas with band members, or give feedback to a student. Anytune Pro has a new and improved user interface with adjust playback speed, (0.5X to 2.5X) with or without affecting pitch. This is an ideal app for musicians to collaborate and help you learn to play those tricky parts.

Many of these music apps are available in the App Store on iTunes; let music apps assist you with your specific music requirements. There are a few of the best music applications for you to look at and get an idea of what features may suit you. You may find that the classical app could help you with your studies or the workout app could improve your fitness. We hope you will find a useful application among these.

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Written by Marlon Votta

Marlon joined the Product Reviews team in March 2011. He brings a wide-range of experience to PR, and has studied and worked in a diverse range of industries. These include art and design, a Horticulturalist, graphics and printing. Personal interests include music, football, boxing, traveling, and different languages, although Marlon has an Italian background. He now looks to expand his computer and tech knowledge by writing news on the latest trends in this industry. Follow Marlon if you’re looking for an unbiased view of the latest products, and tech services.

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