Best free Antivirus in 2016 for zero cost

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 16, 2016

While each year there’s updates to current protection software and new additions, you will find some of the most popular titles stick around within the top 10 list. The best free antivirus in 2016 can delivery more than others, also in many cases this is at zero cost to you. We’ve seen many cases of the software listed below being much better than paid for Antivirus.


AVG Anti-Virus Free 2016 – this software comes from a well known brand and comes in more than one version that include Internet Security, Pro, and Free. The zero cost AVG antivirus offers a free antivirus engine with updates throughout 2016, a File Shredder, and Link Protection. If you need a firewall, solid online shield, and other enhanced data protection then you might want to consider a paid option.

The latest design focuses on a streamlined user interface and less of the flat appearance seen with the previous version. You can also benefit from using the mobile app as well, more at


Avast! Free Antivirus – there’s over 230m people using this free antivirus on Windows and Mac, which is constantly up-to-date and totally for free to users with analysts giving the software very high ratings. You can download at and learn more about the minimum system requirements for both operating systems.

Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus – named by some as the “best antivirus for home users”, this free download is extremely light and much of the processing is handled in the cloud. Main features include real time protection and web filtering, in fact you might not even notice the software is running in the background while it protects you. To read everything in full or to download, head to

In your opinion, what’s the best free antivirus in 2016? Leave ratings and mini-reviews below in the comments, or for further insight read feedback left from our readers.

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  • Sue

    I am with most people, it’s got to be AVG. Been using this free antivirus for years.

  • Ray

    Loving more than one of these free software solutions, but personally I am Panda all the way currently!

  • Mickey

    My choice is Avast, although AVG is pretty good as well. I haven’t tried it in 2015 yet.

    • Billy

      AVG all the way for me.