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Best DSLR camera apps for 2011

Have total control over your photographs using digital single-lens reflex camera applications. With all types of different camera apps available it is a good idea to get an overall perspective on what applications may suit you. Save time and get the most out of your camera features creating captivating photographs you can share with others. We have had a look at some of the best DSLR camera apps for 2011 and here are a few worth looking at.

DSLR.Botis an iOS iPhone application for £2.99. This app also available on iTunes is ideal for use with your Canon DSLR camera from your iPhone with five different modes of operation. Containing long exposure times, HDR bracketing, movie functions and time lapse you can use the GPS logging feature for geo-tagging your photos. As this app requires an infrared transmitter to control the camera functions you can visit on purchasing a DSLR.Bot Infrared Transmitter or DIY instructions to create your own. Although for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices purchased in the European region a volume limit cap is applied which may severely affect the performance of the IR transmitter and in some cases will not work. Unless you are familiar with a workaround to this Cap please proceed with ones own discretion. You can change the IR signal from four different camera modes in iPhone settings DSLR.Bot camera IR signal for Canon EOS, Sony Nex, Nikon, and Pentax.

D3 DSLR is an iOS Universal app available for £3.49. This application allows you to plug directly into the menus and provides quick and easy references for the Nikon. With detailed explanations of the countless menus for various camera controls and options, D3 DSLR is also available through the iTunes App Store. Supporting the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch D3 DSLR contains Min-U guides for the original Nikon DSLR. New products will have their own Min-U Guides and will join a growing library for Nikon cameras with options to make contact about any other certain guides you would like to see developed. This easy to use app will have you navigating straight to your chosen menu at speed and if you own more than one Nikon DSLR the Meg-A Guide Pro v1.2, contains earlier versions of several guides. The D3 DSLR is organized in the same way as the D3 camera control menus, which means that you can use it and learn more about using your D3.

How To Use Your DSLR is an iOS iPad application available for £2.39. Also accessible through the iTunes App Store this app features a deck of 11 easy and fun to use flip cards that are loaded with useful, detailed information about how to use your DSLR as the professionals do. John Silks from Silks Designer Portraits is a professional portrait photographer that has created the detailed information used on the cards available. With help from an expert in the operation of professional DSLR cameras, you can find the best exposure modes that suit your requirements. Find out what aperture is, how to control it and why you want to control it. Get information on knowing about the ideal use of different shutter speeds and exposure modes. Maintain great photos getting the sharpest possible picture without blurriness due to camera movement. Learn about the difference between RAW files and JPEG images and which mode you should use.

DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is an iOS iPhone application for £4.99 and has a collection of useful features designed for the modern filmmaker. Available on iTunes this app displays standard slate information, as well as settings specific to DSLR cameras. Shots are automatically logged when the slate is activated with details on each individual shot. Create multiple productions at the same time and export your log with the touch of a button, you will then be emailed your shot log instantly. The easy to use viewfinder is made to simulate the framing of your DSLR camera from a huge list of available cameras. Zoom through any focal length from 35mm to 400mm. Save a snapshot image using the obtainable features and have details on the location, when and what settings you used. Gain information on sunset and sunrise times in your area so you can organize your filming times to get the best of the sunlight.

These are just a few of the great DSLR camera apps available for 2011, with so many to choose from we hope that there is one that will suit your specific needs and help you get the best from you camera, to achieve the greatest possible images. For more information on these and more, visit App Shopper.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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