Best Call of Duty Ghosts Gun and weapons setup

With Call of Duty Ghosts now in the hands of millions of gamers, we are certain a few of them decided to pull a sickie so they could put in several hours of the game. Some of you have had longer because you waited out in the cold at midnight to get your hands on a copy of the game early, and in that time have managed to find a few things out.

Some of you chose the campaign, while others go direct to multiplayer, and it is those who wish to know what is the best gun in Call of Duty Ghosts, and what is the best weapons setup.

This question has been asked with other Call of Duty titles over the years, and so we know ask Product Reviews readers to send in their best setups.

However, to help guide those of you who have yet to play the multiplayer version of Call of Duty Ghosts, then we have two videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first video looks as the best gun setup and favorite class, and the second the best weapons. We would just like to say these are just the opinions of two people and in no way should be taken that these will be the best for all Call of Duty Ghost players, which is why we would love your judgment.

Written by Peter Chubb

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Jay Epic Skills

Ghosts have really given you the ability to be just that! bushes to hide, random rooms all over the map. i love the guns (apart from the msbs = SUPER OP) lag is minimal and the dog is quite poo. the feel and FPS, environment and perks are great. I don’t think there is a best class as i beat all the Honey Badger abusers up with a pistol. So try and cry until you smile 😉 BTW last perk that allows extra dmg is really small and unnoticeable ammount and not worth 5 perk points. Try flinch and scavenger.… Read more »


i wouldnt even wait for call of duty ghost the game sucks and u die to fast trust me u will find out


Still waiting till the 22nd for my Xbox one game

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