Advanced Warfare best zombie setup for guns

When a new Call of Duty game arrives players quickly find out what works well for them in different situations, as many have for the best COD Advanced Warfare zombie setup for guns. There’s a number of weapons to choose from that includes the CEL-3 Cauterizer, but for many this isn’t the best weapon in Advanced Warfare zombies.

There’s hope that the next zombies map will bring a better wonder weapon, or one that does the type of large scale damage seen with the S-12 bullpup fully-automatic shotgun. This happens without upgrading, but take that baby to level 20 and you are using a whole different level of firepower.

Best zombie setup for guns in Advanced Warfare – there will be a lot of debate around the different weapon choices, especially when it comes to the second choice and a combination of weapons to best kill Advanced Warfare zombies in different situations. We have been hands-on for a few hundred hours, so take a look below at what setup we found best in our opinion.


Weapon 1: The S-12 bullpup fully-automatic shotgun – personally, nothing works better than this weapon right now with the Outbreak map. While some will disagree, you will be thankful to own the S-12 in later rounds, as the zombies always get up close and walking backwards letting the S-12 rip is just great fun. With each upgrade costing 2500, it will take a while to reach level 20 for this weapon, but with each upgrade the enhancements help kill ever stronger and faster zombies.


Weapon 2: Crossbow or MAHEM rocket launcher – while the S-12 kills zombies fast at close range, you will also want something that does even more damage at a distance. For us, this has to be the MAHEM rocket launcher or Crossbow with exploding shots. The latter allows you to move faster, but don’t underestimate the MAHEM when it reaches nearer upgrade level 20.

This combination will keep you going for longer and lasting for many levels of zombies, but as always you need a good team if playing online with more players meaning many more zombies. If there’s a weak link, then this will make it much harder for you to survive longer.

What’s your best weapon setup in Advanced Warfare zombies for the Outbreak map? Leave your favorite setups below that help you last for longer, also feel free to share how many rounds you have stayed alive for and any tips that helped you do just that. We look forward to seeing map 2 for zombies and a new weapon in the coming weeks, especially as this is sure to mix things up a little.

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I would say the bulldog and the Cauterizer are the best setup for 50+ because you can use the Cauterizer if you get caught in a tight situation and for just getting points and killing zombies the bulldog works fine because you can buy ammo at level 20 for only 4000 my record solo is 53 with this combo add me on ps3 n00bin8r3000


S-12 and Pytaek (Since you get the target enhancer instead of thermal on Ameli), then once those have been fully upgraded and I get to really high rounds, I’ll just trade my heavy for Amr9 for unlimited bullets


I agree with the MAHEM rocket launcher if you can get it from the random choice, but the first weapon is hard to say as I like using so many. Still love the Cauterizer and heavy machine guns once upgraded, not too good in early upgrade levels.

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