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BBM add-ons for Android and iPhone

BlackBerry might be vague on the launch of BBM for iPhone and Android but you can count on this new app including a way to bump up revenue. Some of our readers can’t understand how the BBM app can change company profit much once it arrives on Android and iPhone, so let us take a quick look at what will likely happen.

The release date will be kept secret for a while yet with BBM for Android coming by the end of this summer along with an iPhone version. It isn’t clear if both will arrive exactly at the same time, but current rumors suggest both apps will launch around the same date.

Research has been performed by a number of industry insiders and predictions made by well-known analysts. This information might still be speculating but it shows BlackBerry is planning a revenue stream that’s indirect. This is where suggestions get a little confusing with how BBM for Android and iPhone will gain an indirect stream of money.

Pulling iPhone and Android users to BlackBerry via BBM — we almost laugh at the idea of a person using BBM on iOS or Android and then wanting to move to BlackBerry thanks to this app. This is the very idea some analysts think will be a way BlackBerry creates an indirect profit.

Feedback on this very possibility has been clear with one of our readers stating, “I would never jump to BlackBerry when there is plenty of chat apps like WhatsApp, although BBM on my Android phone is welcome”.

One of the more favorable options is paid for add-on services that deliver a premium service not found elsewhere. Some of our readers suggest “premium services like voice calling and video”. There could be a number of add-on services that meet a need on iOS and Android, but the real challenge is getting these smartphone users to pay for them. We have until September for the end of summer and this is the deadline set by BlackBerry for the app to launch.

How do you think BlackBerry will create revenue from BBM for Android and iPhone, also do you think paid add-ons would be welcome?

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Kurt Windibank
Kurt Windibank

BBM currently has 60 million active users. If every one of them invited 10 non BlackBerry users (android/iOS) to BBM when its launched it would become a MONSTER. (600 million users). Once you have a large user base the “monetization” will come. Introducing BBM Channels and BBM Money is one way in which ad revenue can be generated. BBM will be a hybrid messaging app/ social networking app with BBM Channels. Its very easy to see where the money will come from….same way Facebook and Google make money….eyeballs on the screen.


Bbm and BIS were the best ideas of the century, but looking at the devices they were used on, really discourages. Blackberry need to solve just one thing before hoping to get any sensible customer from android or other platforms; fix the freaking freezing problems first, that’s all.

Richard Foleher
Richard Foleher

I was forced to use Blackberry by my previous employer, the phone was terrible, its only saving grace was bbm and that was only because my sister had it and she couldn’t get whatsapp for us to chat with. I’m not sure how Blackberry can see this one app alone would entice an Android user such as I but if the service had the odd banner app, then I guess they could see a little revenue. The other possibility is that it could make a small charge for the app, much like whatsapp on iOS and Android after your first… Read more »


I’ve used blackberry for a long time, a very long time, I then went to windows mobile, after which I landed on android. I don’t have any plans on moving away from android at this point in time, but i do like the bbm. good thing we wont need to have service books for it to work, I hope.

Herve Shango
Herve Shango

has it even been released or what because making news about it does not help unless you got a really good news about the specific time frame of when it will be released for android & ios devices

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