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BBC iPlayer: Changes in 2011 – Expect Fees / Ads

Since the BBC rolled outBBC iPlayer back in 2007 it has grown massively in popularity, however it looks like a few things will be changed in 2011, both of which suggest that the BBC are losing money by offering the video-on-demand service.

The head of the BBC wants to open up the service to Europeans and North Americans, however this will obviously rocket the running costs, therefore the BBC need a way of generating income to support the service.

There are two options available to the BBC, they can either add ads or charge for the service, obviously ads are annoying, but I would much prefer to be interrupted by ads than pay for the service.

If the BBC decide to charge for the service they may charge for each program/episode individually, if not they will undoubtedly charge a monthly rate.

What would be your preference, ads or a charge for the service?

Source: Engadget

Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

He began writing for Product Reviews in mid 2009 and has since expanded his knowledge across a wide-base of devices, he is looking to get more hands-on experience with new devices to gain a better understanding of the latest and greatest technologies.


  • Abu rizwan hanifa

    Oh so it was wrong, this only applies to overseas? Nice

    They better not charge for it or put adverts in!

  • Michael

    What a retarded article which completely bends the source. INTERNATIONALLY, it will be fee / advert driven – but the actual ARTICLE TITLE at Engadget makes this clear it's only for international folk.

    Learn how to write news stories would you, or get a job at the Sun.

  • Papercup Paul

    4oD is better anyway… problem solved

  • A Noid

    It always annoys me that even though I pay the license fee I still can't watch iPlayer programs if I happen to be in a different country on holiday or business. I also find on-line ads more annoying than those on TV because you can record TV and fast forward past the ads but on-line they prevent that.

  • David Raid

    Charge a fee for non-UK residents.

    We fund the BBC and should continue to receive this service for no charge.

  • the licence can't increase, it has been frozen at its current level until at least 2016.

  • If this only applies to outside the UK then ads will be the sensinble idea as they will be used to ads with all tv shows anyway.

  • PhilC

    IPlayer will always be free in the UK – It will only be charged for outside the UK.

    • Tony

      Nothing is free, it is covered by your licence fee, which could also increase.

      The 'free' bandwidth model will stop working once they have their forecast number of customer, just like it does in mobile phones. Everything has been 'free' in the last decade, gradually things will revert back to paid for, unless you don't mind that you are not actually the customer who needs to be satisfied.

      • rizwan hanifa

        actually your wrong mate and PhilC is right. it will always be free.

    • Richard

      I agree it SHOULD be free but it doesn't follow thatr it WILL be free.


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