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Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 – EA DICE offer longevity

Excitement is building rapidly with the release of Battlefield 3 on the horizon. EA are also aware that Modern Warfare 3, the eighth instalment in the Call of Duty series, is due for release around a month later. But does this mean that EA DICE will adopt the oh-so-familiar annual game release to keep up with other similar titles? DICE rejects these assumptions as to create much more longevity for the game as a whole experience.

As with previous Call of Duty games, the annual release of such titles as Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and the future release of Modern Warfare 3 is starting to become the norm for Activision. Remember such games as Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk? Of course, they were brilliant concepts when they were first released, and it was hard to find a gamer who didn’t enjoy what they brought to the gaming table.

But maybe Activision got greedy. Both games have now been cited as defunct, meaning that they are no longer in development. Could the the releasing of a game per year be the reason for that? Technically, although we are not pointing the finger at Activision, they shoved these titles down our throats and it looks as though Call of Duty may suffer the same fate.

EA DICE hopes to take a different approach when it comes to their future-sure-to-smash Battlefield 3. Gamers all around the globe have been quietly and loudly making their assumptions about the game, and think that it is about time that they got a fresh FPS to take control of. When asked about the approach they want to take when they release Battlefield, and games in general, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach said;

“The business goals for us are not to release a game every year,” he said. “To us, we need the time to be able to create the next game that consumers will hopefully like. If we were to release another big Battlefield title next year, that would mean that we’d have less than a year to build it, and that would mean that we’d have to have another studio building it for us, which would mean it wouldn’t have that DICE seal of approval, which would mean they’d just have to release a copy of the game we just released. Ugh, no.”

Instead, DICE say that they are more concerned with expanding the “old game” by releasing a “twist” in the way of DLC, or separate expansion pack which in turn would be healthier than cramming every single last penny out of a franchise by releasing new titles every year. We have to remember that Activision’s CoD games are not rushed out by the same dev team each year, they usually alternate each game between Treyarch and Infinity Ward (who have now teamed up with Sledgehammer Games) – but still we wonder if yearly releases are a bit too excessive for the franchise on the whole.

In truth, whispers are mumbling that Call of Duty is slowing decreasing in excitement numbers. Could Battlefield 3 be the game that blows the lid off once and for all? Are yearly releases good for a franchise’s longevity? Will Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 carry on as one of the greatest franchise releases ever? So many questions, so many answers. We want to hear yours.

Battlefield 3 is due for release on October 25, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is due for release on Novemeber 8. Which side are you on?

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Written by Jamie Pert

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