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Battlefield 3 Beta PS3 vs. MW3 Xbox 360: Hands-on

Some of you know we visited EuroGamer in London towards the end of last week and had some hands-on time with both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. We only could play MW3 survival mode on the COD game, although this was a great replacement for Black Ops zombies, one that brings modern warfare and keeps that feeling of fighting for your life with a friend in co-op.

My first impressions of the Battlefield 3 came under attack from some gamers, with support for BF3 coming from those that hadn’t played the game. After our visit to EuroGamer and the Battlefield 3 beta starting we now see opinions changing, with Battlefield fans finding the beta graphics and gameplay mechanics terrible.

Before I managed to get hands-on time with BF3 expectations were high, a new game engine for better graphics, gameplay and destruction, but after playing the game I was disappointed along with many other players. It’s fair to say the PC version at the event was much better, as some of the PR team noticed, although the Xbox 360 and PS3 has a much bigger following. Only seeing the PC version get a performance update after the event only adds to the disappointment for console gamers.

Yesterday an article by Alan Ng pointed to concerns over the Battlefield 3 PS3 graphics, which went hand in hand with what was found days earlier at the event. Also it was noted that the Battlefield 3 beta was limited like a demo, and a few other people have noticed this as well stating. Do you agree with this view?

While it may have been high expectations that made us disappointed with BF3 beta, a game that was meant to be a game changer thanks to an improved engine, we were not so disappointed with Call of Duty: MW3. This is coming from someone that favored Battlefield games.

We managed to have a number of games on Modern Warfare 3 at EuroGamer on the Xbox 360, playing the survivor mode. This will replace Black Ops zombies, and we hope it takes off enough that they add more maps in DLC after release.

As we pointed out just after the event, MW3 blew us away with the smooth survivor mode gameplay, and it was pretty cool to being playing modern combat for a change while fighting for your life with a friend in co-op, just like zombies although having a totally different feel. While you lost certain appeals of zombies, these were replaced with airstrikes, weapon upgrades, and other features found in survivor mode.

The mode starts of easy with some people finding it too easy, but after a little extra time you find out that it’s a lot tougher than you think. You start out with a pistol but can replace this after your first kill by picking up their weapon, which was a shotgun in the first round. In the later stages it’s better to hold up in a building, we found one with just two entrances and this made it much easier to defend, although you’ll want to get out soon enough when you can collect some weapon upgrades at the ammo dumps. This will cost you money, which is earned by killing.

MW3 survivor mode is very strategic, the choices you make when spending money will make or break you. Sometimes it’s better to save up and collect weapons from those you kill, rather than spend on lower priced upgrades. All in all the graphics are smooth, from the same old engine, and the gameplay was addictive.

When you go down, a press on the Y button (Xbox 360) will allow you to call out for help and if you’re playing with a good co-op friend, they will come and get you although time this right as waves of enemy will keep coming for a while.

In Summary: This was only our first impressions of both MW3 and BF3 beta, although we did get hands-on with both games it has to be understood that the game time was limited so it’s tough to give full insight into both of these games. The destruction on BF3 for the PS3 was a joke, trying to smash up trees and destroy branches did nothing, and asking some of those in the know about destruction was met with “it is only certain buildings that have full destruction”. BF3 is nowhere near what was expect on the consoles for a new engine, we only hope it is improved for the final release. MW3 on the other hand was met with anti COD feelings, as I hate jumping on the bandwagon, but sad happy to say it passed with flying colors.

My hope for a FPS with amazing graphics and the right balance of destruction was not met in BF3 on the PS3; I just hope the wait for this will not be PS4/Xbox 720.

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