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ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D 15.6-inch laptop reviews

PC sales took a huge hit once laptops got smaller and more powerful, and now laptops have come under fire from tablets, as they offer a far better alternative for many consumers and business users. There are two issues, improved portability and price, but the latter is not so much of an issue now considering laptop prices keep falling.

For some a laptop is always going to be a better alternative and you don’t have to break the bank in order to get one, and the ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D 15.6-inch laptop is a fine example of that.

ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D 15.6-inch is a basic laptop, but it doesn't aim to be anything else
ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D 15.6-inch is a basic laptop, but it doesn’t aim to be anything else

This model is as budget as they come and so we ask that you take any thoughts from your head of this being ideal for entertainment or gaming purposes. What you get is a laptop that is perfect for looking on webpages, checking emails, doing homework that does not require demanding processor or graphics performance.

If you think the ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D is still the perfect laptop for you, then you need to know what its specs are. We begin with the processor, which is a 1.5GHz Intel Celeron 1007U, you have 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, UMA graphics, and Windows 8.

ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D 15.6-inch laptop as budget as they come
ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D 15.6-inch laptop as budget as they come

We need to inform you that the ASUS X502CA-BCL0901D is lacking certain features with an optical drive being one of them. If you are still interested, then you should hold off your purchase for a few days because there is a good chance that the price of this laptop could see a discount in the build-up to the busy holiday season.

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