ASDA George release New £6 Wow Price on Kids Clothing

As most of you would have already known, ASDA is becoming one of the go to places when it comes to clothing due to their adorable outfits, popular footwear designs and stylish homeware. With that said, they have released a new £6 Wow Price Range that includes a lovely section of clothing for kids. First launched online this morning, but has also been spotted in-store throughout the day.

£6 Wow Range ASDA George

Since appearing, it’s become extremely popular with those looking to update their youngsters wardrobe ahead of the warmer months. As you can see from the image shown above, there’s multipacks on leggings, hats and vests, plus 2 piece outfits and more.

This was all spotted in the ASDA Broadstairs store, Thanet, this morning, however it’s likely you’ll find it in many of the stores nationwide.

ASDA George have always been on the ball with their ranges of clothing, whether it’s for babies, to toddlers, older kids or adults and with the temperature improving we expect to see other items being added as the weeks and months go on. So be sure to keep checking daily as they do add lots of products regularly.

Some other items of clothing have also been in the spot light over the past month or so with ASDA introducing a New Bluey Pinafore Dress and also Tesco adding even more to their F&F baby section with a super cute Peter Rabbit Baby Rain Mac. These are just some examples, but as the newest and hottest products are put onto the shelves, we’ll keep you updated so you won’t miss out.