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Apple’s capacity to surprise, iPad 2 release within 7-days

The world waits to see what Apple has up its sleeve on March 2 with the event concerning the new iPad. We have had a lot of speculation recently surrounding when any new device will actually be hitting the shelves, but there is now talk you could have your hands on the new iPad 2 very shortly.

Kasper Jade from AppleInsider is reporting that they believe people could their hands on the new iPad soon after next Wednesday’s press event. There are people who are claiming that Apple is getting ready a number of its operating segments to perform functions towards the end of next week, which are said to be of a massive consumer oriented product roll out.

This is thought to mean that Apple will be sending out at least one version of its new iPad to retail outlets just as the media event is taking place. At the moment this is only speculation, but the sources are said to have been accurate before with information on Apple’s future product plans.

This information contradicts a number of previous reports which have been saying after announcing the new device; Apple would be unable to have the product on the shelves for at least another month. For Apple to roll-out a Wi-Fi only iPad they only have to depend on themselves, unlike a 3G product where the co-operation of carrier partners is needed.

Meanwhile over at Clint Boulton is asking if the pricing of the iPad 2 could prove a major problem for the Motorola Xoom. With the announcement by Apple of the event on March 2, a lot of customers would hold off from buying the Xoom, or any other tablet for that matter just to see what Apple has to offer.

What do you think? Will Apple have the new iPad out by the end of next week?

Written by Gary Johnson

Gary has a background in engineering and passion for motorcycles, gadgets, and home cinema. In his early years, his obsession for Hi-Fi technology would see him creating the perfect setup with a good ear for sound quality. While Gary is keen to write about most topics that PR covers, his love for phones finds him reporting a lot of news about applications for iPhone, Android, and other popular operating systems

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I agree!


One of the reasons that I think it will come out in a week is because if it came out in a month, then nobody would by the current iPad!!! They would lose millions!!

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