Apple Watch 4 design Vs Series 3 compared

While there is naturally a lot of excitement in the air regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone refresh for 2018, it is also widely expected that the company will introduce the Apple Watch Series 4 at the same event.

Now we can give you a good preview of what the Apple Watch 4 design will look like, based on renders revealed so far and thanks to Twitter user Benjamin Geskin who has compiled the concepts for us.

According to rumors so far, the next Apple Watch will have a 15% increase in display size, possibly 1.7-inches and now you can see what this will look like thanks to this visual comparison showing the new Apple Watch 4 alongside the Apple Watch 3.

There are also whispers that Apple may make the display close to edge-to-edge which will allow Apple to accommodate all of the extra information that will be visible to users compared to the Series 3 model.

With a bigger battery on board, the Apple Watch 4 could be a major upgrade so let us know if you are looking forward to it, or if you are happy to stick with your current model.



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