Apple iTunes Announcement: Cloud Music Streaming?

We already mentioned that there is to be an iTunes announcement today, but you might have already guessed that from the huge message that appears on Apple’s homepage. There has been much speculation, such as The Beatles back catalog, to iOS 4.2 — with the latter more in line with the theme. We thought we would not take a look at the possibility of cloud music streaming.

We have touched on this subject before, we had assumed that Apple did not have their new infrastructure ready — but what if we were wrong? We know that the new data center is being built in North Carolina, but not sure if Google Earth has that area updated yet?

If the new iTunes Cloud were announced today, then this would account as a day that we would not forget. However, I am not certain if I would be happy with such a service. There are a number of reasons for this, which I will explain for you.

The first is that we have no idea of the price for such a service, is it a monthly service, and if you stop paying that means you do not have access to this music. The other issue I have is, what if you lose Internet connection that means you also lose access to all that music?

However, the biggest issue I have is the fact that if you were out of the house and you wanted to listen to music, you would then have to use your 3G service. That is all well and good, but what about those data cap limits that carriers have now started to impose? Can you see where I am going with this?

Do you think that Apple will announce iTunes Cloud?

Written by Peter Chubb

Peter has been writing on Product-Reviews since 2007 and in that time much has changed for him, like his hair having more grey than brown now. He loves gadgets and cars, and gets excited when big events come up, such as CES and the big auto shows.

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  • Bill MeLater

    bloody beatle, that's what this was all about! What a waste of my anticipation! Bah!

  • wol

    nope – it's the fact that The Beatles back catalogue is available on iTunes.

  • Charles

    Ive heard loads of rumours on this matter, cloud music streaming would be a good idea, but with so many other providers out there such as spotify, why would people want this from apple, especially being apple and everything is so expensive. Also all the record labels may have something to say about all of this happening, but if apple have managed to get everything in order without press attention and it all works out fine, hats off

    • Ben

      I do in fact use Spotify and for all it's glory it has a few faults, one of which iTunes can dominate on. Have you ever tried searching for let's say Tracy Chapman on Spotify well that's a no no how about a popular combination album like HITS 72 or what ever it is these days, nope you're not going to get that either. The fact of the matter is iTunes has everything I want to listen to straight away bar AC/DC but judging from todays announcements that's not going to be too long now either.


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