Apple iPhone: Top Predictions for 2011

Now that 2010 is over and we have entered 2011, it appears that people have started predicting what’s going to happen in the year ahead. Although this seems to apply to many things such as technology and future gadgets, it’s actually the 2011 predictions for the Apple iPhone that caught my eye.

I found a rather interesting article by Sebastien over at, which provides a list of the top 10 predictions for the new Apple iPhone in 2011. Sebastien seems to think that Apple will open up iOS this year, to allow things that have only ever been provided by the jailbreak community.

There is also the prediction that the new iPhone will feature a different kind of antenna, what with all the grief that Apple received over the antenna issues on the iPhone 4 last year. There have even been reports that Apple might want to include the antenna as part of their logo on the rear of the handset.

This brings us to the next prediction on the list, which is a completely new design. Although the glass back does look nice on the iPhone 4, it unfortunately doubles the chances of your handset getting damaged. Therefore, Sebastien has predicted that Apple will go back to using more traditional materials.

The one prediction I found the most interesting however, was the one that claimed we would not see a Verizon iPhone in 2011. There have been quite a few rumors and reports suggesting that the iPhone 4 would finally be arriving on Verizon Wireless in 2011, but Sebastien thinks it won’t be until 2012.

This isn’t the opinion of everybody though, as I found a couple of other prediction articles that claimed the complete opposite. Kevin Tofel over at believes that the Verizon iPhone will be announced sometime in January, which is also what Bill Freehling at thinks.

What are your predictions for the Apple iPhone in 2011?

Written by Tina Chubb

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  • My biggest prediction for the iPhone will be that Apple will introduce an iPhone nano, or something of a similar size. We've seen very small phones before, but the limitation was always based on the size of the keys and the size of the screen. In principle, because the keys are the screen, a tiny iPhone could have all the functionality of its bigger brothers without being too small. It will probably have the same pixel dimensions as the original iPhones, using retina display technology to get it down to size. This would also mean that all existing apps would work with it, without any further tweaking, thereby avoiding the fragmentation which Steve Jobs finds otherwise so annoying in other platforms.

    The problem with the iPhone, as far as other developments are concerned, is that, once the antenna bugs etc are sorted out, the device is already more or less perfect. Except for games, which are of course a big growth market, a faster processor isn't really going to make that much difference — the iPhone 4 isn't slow, and on my iPhone 3Gs I never get frustrated about apps being sluggish. There's a community that still complains that the multi-tasking isn't what they want, but, seriously, that is a very small group of very vocal tech-bloggers, and, in any case, Apple can open up more multi-tasking without redesigning the phone.

    In terms of iVolution, the original iPhone was a giant leap, the iPhone 3G with the App Store was a huge bound forward, the 3Gs was a big step, and the iPhone 4 was a good-sized step. These are the signs of a device homing in on perfection, rather than developing exponentially. This is great for everyone for whom a perfect iPhone is the perfect device. But there are still many people out there for whom the iPhone may well be the best thing there is, but for whom something else would be better, if only someone made it.


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