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Apple iOS 4.2: Next Release Fixes Alarm Problem

The alarm clock on the iPhone has been playing up after the phone switched to DST (Daylight Saving Time) in Europe. Thousands for people were shocked to find that their alarm had gone off an hour later, meaning that they were running late for going to work or taking the children to school.

We had assumed that just deleting the alarm times you had set and then redoing them would solve the problem — we were wrong. Apple has acknowledged that there is an issue and has confirmed that this bug will be fixed in the upcoming iOS 4.2 software update.

The easiest way to solve this issue for the moment is to set your alarm one-hour earlier. This issue has already occurred in Australia — so we knew it was coming. However, the U.S. will have to brace themselves for this alarm issue, so just make certain that you plan ahead — unlike me.

There is another solution to this problem, but seems to be a lot of hassle. Turn of automatic time zone adjustment, and then set the time on your iPhone manually. Then delete all alarms and then input them again, I have not tested this, but The Telegraph reports that this has worked for a number of iPhone users.

Why does iOS 4.1 have this issue, when past iPhone operating systems did not?

Written by Peter Chubb

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  • Apple Sucks

    I upgraded to 4.2 and my alarm doens’t work consistantly anymore. I have been late to work three times now because of it. Had the same problem with my 3g iPhone. My phone has also been crashing almost daily since I upgraded to 4.2. This is really annoying and can’t wait to get rid of this piece of crap once my contract is up.

  • Jpajinag

    I have an alarm that went off everyday (recurring) and that was going off 1 hr early everyday. My weekdays ( recurring) went off an hr late. So far the only solution I found was to set it as never (recurring) and the alarms work.

  • Greg

    Amazing how ALL things are avaliable on an iPhone, apart from an alarm that works!

  • andre

    The problem only happens when you have a alarm set for week days. If you setup a alarm and select all the days of the week (mon-sun) then your reucuring alarms will work.

    So what works
    – Once off alarms
    – if repeat is on for every day (including Sat and Sun)

    Does not work
    – when you have a repeat alarm for only the days of the week.

    I did try to change the time zones and setting the time manually but no luck. At least now I know how to get around it. You just need to remember to kill the alarms for the ly in on the weekend

  • adriane

    Well, I have synced my phone, retored it, deleted alarms, turned it off. and changed time change to manual. still not sucuess with my alarms. It seems to work for a single day alarm, but not a repeating alarm… UGH..Any ideas to try so my alarm will be reoccuring again?? :-

  • Dean

    I thought it was too good to be true!! My time automatically updated on the Sunday just gone however, the alarm is now not working. Iphone have totally cocked this up!! Surely, they should have known this was to occur!

  • Kevin

    There is a small bug still that the iPad cannot cope with in regards to time zone, it would probably affect the iPhone too!

    I have loaded on the iOS 4.2 and on Sunday 31st Oct when the clocks went back here all my one hour appointments are displayed as half hour/minimal time allocation, If I extend the time period to 2 hours – it shows a one hour block. Works fine for all other days. But wants my appointments to finish at the time they started.

  • Lee

    I haven’t experienced this problem yet but when speaking to family members they’ve all had this problem. Turns out if you have your alarm set to everyday at your normal time of wake up you won’t have a problem but if you set it just to weekday or particular day it will go off an hour later. Hope this helps you all out.

  • “Why does iOS 4.1 have this issue, when past iPhone operating systems did not?”

    iOS 4.1 is the first to have automatic time setting and there’s a bug in the way alarm clock accesses this time. Previously time was set manually or via iTunes sync

  • brian

    my 6:00am wake-up alarm has been going off an hour early for three days now. The crazy part is that my 2:45pm "pick up the kids from school" alarm is going off as scheduled at 2:45pm. curious.

  • Kevin

    No calculator or clock apps on iPad that I can see 🙁

    On the iPhone, the bug related to the birthday calendar is fixed and therefore not agist to people born pre 1932. It also stops altering contacts birthdays!

  • Mark G Manc hester

    The solution to "Turn of automatic time zone adjustment, and then set the time on your iPhone manually. Then delete all alarms and then input them again, I have not tested this, but The Telegraph reports that this has worked for a number of iPhone users.

    Sorry it never worked for me.

    I'll just set my alarm 1 hr early for now

  • Tricka

    I am having the same problem as Amy above!! I check my time zone and it was set for Chicago and I am in NY but I didn't touch the damn thing! I changed it and it's still not working!!!

  • Tim

    Have had the 3gs alarm an hour late following DST. Just tried deleting all alarms, turn phone off the on and then set new alarm, works. Anybody know why the calender notes dont sync on multi day events?

  • Amy

    I have the iPhone 3GS and noticed on Monday that my alarm was going off an hour early!!!! At 4:20AM when I originally had it set for 5:20AM. My time was correct 4:20 CST…wtf????? Seriously! I guess I need to run my software update and go back to using a regular alarm clock! WTF….!!!

  • Anthony

    I had issues with my 3G running the latest iOS.
    I had to delete ALL my recurring alarms and add them again – and this worked for me.

    I also discovered after poking around that my timezone was London/Europe rather than London/England (!)

  • iPad Junkie

    Will ios 4.2 for iPad have the clock and calc apps that are present on the iPod touch and iPhone? I hope so!


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