Apple dedication: iPad 3, iPhone 5 and a TV

While it may be hard for some of our readers to believe, there are Apple fans that would buy almost any product because it’s Apple. In 2012 this will mean the possible purchase of an iPad 3, iPhone 5 and even a large Apple TV (aka iTV).

The dedication to a brand doesn’t stop with Apple; you’ll find people in your circle of friends and family that would only buy Sony, Samsung or another brand. We’ve seen it; one person we know had their whole house covered with Sony products, if they made it then the gadget had to be Sony.

Apple seems to have something a lot of the other brands don’t, and this is a dedication that meets a massive number of people with extreme passion. In our opinion, you’ll never find so many people following a brand with so much passion, as you do with Apple fans. This has been helped by some pretty cool devices that changed certain gadgets as we know them, which includes the iPod in the MP3 player market, the iPad in the tablet PC market, and some would even say the iPhone in the touchscreen phone market. Would you agree?

Samsung has really strong television sales and they hit record numbers in November 2011, although Apple know how good this market is and want more than an Apple TV under your high definition television. While Apple rumors have to be taken with a pinch of salt, you can pretty much expect an iTV, or high definition television for Apple in 2012/2013 the latest.

What will Apple bring to the television business? We’ve seen Apple take existing technology many times before, and put in together in such a way that makes a new gadget Apple fans love, and even creates new Apple fans.

The iPhone has not really been a major breakthrough when you look at the separate specs, and has less than other phones in terms of specs, although the success seems to be down to the way Apple’s devices are put together with the support they get from software and other Apple products. Apple supporters would say the iPhone is one device under one brand, compared to Android’s army of devices under many brands. The iPhone 4S slipped a little in finished product, in our opinion, and Apple need to change this with the iPhone 5 release. What would you like to see in the 6th generation iPhone?

Apple only needs to keep ahead with the iPad 3; it has already proved that the iPad is the best in the market, in terms of sales. To keep ahead Apple need something special with the iPad 3, and this could be done with a few enhancements and an improved price, although that is likely not to happen.

We still believe Apple need prices on their products to hit a bigger market, so maybe a budget model that aims at Android devices, although Apple could see the current success as proof that Apple fans like to pay for a so-called premium product. Do you feel this way?

Are you one of the dedicated Apple buyers, and are likely to get the iPad 3, iPhone 5, and iTV on each release date? Let us know in the comments.

The biggest move Apple could make this year would be a new television, which is likely to have a twist, and sales will depend on Apple making something better and more unique than already in the marketplace. It’s our feeling that a television that works better with all the other Apple products could already be set for success, especially considering Apple’s following. Samsung and Apple are already battling each-other, just as Apple and Microsoft have in the past, 2012 will be a year that could see these brands battle in the television business.

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