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Apple battles Galaxy S3 and HTC

Moments before WWDC 2012 when we are expecting a massive line-up of new Apple products, it now seems the popular tech brand is battling competition in a number of ways. This includes Apple filing another ITC complaint involving a large number of HTC phones, and also Apple is attempting to get an injunction out against the Samsung Galaxy S3, which could stop the new phone from getting a US release.

This news will not make Galaxy S3 fans happy that have been waiting for the Samsung phone to launch in the United States, and while the HTC complaint is a lot more involved it also highlights how Apple aims to protect its patents vigorously.

What’s interesting about this ITC complaint against HTC is the label of “Emergency“, which means it’s much more important and could potentially do a lot of damage before a conventional hearing could take place. You can read more on what patents are involved in this article, which states that this claim involves a patent for using technology that automatically detects data for hyperlinks, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

The Galaxy S3 injunction highlights the continued battle between Apple and Samsung, and Apple hope it’s understood that the Galaxy S3 should be included in another preliminary injunction. Apple is referring to the case involving the Galaxy Nexus phone, which has been given worldwide press attention. We’ve seen a few feuds over the years in the tech industry but Apple and Samsung are making their way to the top of the list, so it will be interesting to see the outcome from the different claims being made. You can read the full details of this filing here.

Do you think Apple is doing the right thing trying to protect its assets?

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This is such a bad move on behalf of apple. I can literally think of the insecurity apple is having at the moment. Why can’t they admit if there is someone out there better than them?


Instead of making a new and improved product,they just stay in court harrasing everyone else..I bet they have an army of tech guys analizing every new gadget,and trying to find things similar with their own,so they can sue..Instead of fighting te competition with new and better products,they do it in court….There is no comparision between Iphone and the new Samsung or Htc..bu hey,we may sue the Hyperlink thing,it’s our patent…lol…This patent obsesion is blocking progres so much..Have you seen that they recently patentd the shape of Mac laptops..imagine that now they are checking every new laptop on the market,to see… Read more »

apple suck.
apple suck.

I think apple are a little scared that other manufacturers are starting to threaten their share of the market. I have an android phone and an apple iPad. I love both devices but wish I opted for an android tab instead of the iPad. Apple want to much control over you and decide how you use their devices, android is so much better in this respect and you get so much more freedom. I for one won’t be buying another apple product. Way too expensive and too limiting. Fail.


I really wish apple would just piss off and stop slowing the rate of innovation! Theres onyl so many ways a phone and tablet can look so stop complaining!

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