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Apple Airpods price shock for US, UK

We have just seen Apple announce that their new wireless audio solution for the iPhone 7 is going to be very expensive if you plan to drop your current headphones to move over to Apple’s ‘courageous’ Airpods.

Apple waited until the very end segment of their Sept 7 event to reveal that the Airpod price in the US is going to be $159. Just to make it perfectly clear, the AirPods do not come included with the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in the box – they are a separate purchase.

Apple will give you a headphone jack to lightning adapter with every purchase but if you want the new Airpods you are going to have to pay a premium for them.


The confirmed Airpod price for UK is £159, so Apple has gone for the same pricing across both regions which again is a bold move and it looks like an expensive set of earphones any way you look at it.

Will you pay the price for a set of wireless earphones for the iPhone 7? We’ll add the official video below once we have it but give your reaction below.



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