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Apex LE3243 vs. LE3245R 32-inch LCD HDTV specs

The budget TV market is a very competitive one because what was once dominated but sub-par televisions with poor designs and specs, is now filled with TVs that look almost as good as the likes of Samsung, Sony and others.

We could write an article all day about what models you should consider, but if you already know the brand, TV size and budget then we would hope these two Apex 32-inch LED HDTV 720p models tick the right boxes?

First up we have the Apex LE3243, and while these Apex 32-inch LED HDTV 720p specs will not blow your socks off, they will do exactly what is said on the box.

Apex 32-inch LED HDTV 720p
Apex 32-inch LED HDTV 720p

What you get is a 32-inch screen that is LED backlit, 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, vivid color and amazing details, Digital Noise and Combo Filter, as well as 3HDMI ports.

Next we have the Apex LE3245R 32-inch LCD HDTV. Specs on this model are not as impressive, but are still good enough for a second TV or for those of you who have less disposable income.

Specs are a 1200:1 Static Contrast Ratio, 720p, a 60Hz screen refresh rate, Dolby Digital and several HDMI inputs.

These two models are not the best on the market, but in terms of budget TVs, they certainly score well.

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