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Angry Birds for Android: Full Version Release Date Info – Twitter

If you have been impressed by the beta version of Angry Birds for Android you may have wondered when the full version would become available, well the good news is that it will arrive sometime next week.

The game’s developer Rovio Mobile recently revealed this in a tweet, this is what it said “Good and bad news. Full version of Android pushed to next week. We are adding proper support for Android multitasking”.

It is thought that the full Android version of the popular game will have the same price tag as the App Store version ($0.99), having played the beta version on my partner’s HTC Desire I have to say that this will be well-worth purchasing.

No official release date and price has been given, therefore we will have to keep you updated as we find out more, I would be very surprised if it hadn’t hit the Android Market by the 14th of October.

Will you buy the full version of Angry Birds for Android?

Source: Twitter

Written by Jamie Pert

Jamie has a background in computer repairs and maintenance along with network administration, he now enjoys utilizing the benefits of new technologies and enjoys writing about anything that brings new technology to the world.

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  • Sanju

    I am really looking for full version but this is a bad news if it is paid, I have heard that sometime later may be in next 1 – 2 years (or may be more) Android will be beat Apple market but if this is how Android market is going to beat then i am afraid it will be history then, as Apple is providing millions of things for free.

  • Simon

    ahhhh there go's the rest of freetime

  • susan

    YES, Can't wait!

  • Cram

    Yes and
    If its 0.99-4.99 id still buy it. I enjoy playing this game


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