An iPhone 5 upgrade worth buying into

After spending some time with the new iPad 3 we wonder what could be classed as an iPhone 5 upgrade, which is worth buying? We explained in our first impressions with the new iPad that apps taking advantage of increased graphics power paired with a Retina display could be enough, especially for the 3rd-Gen iPad but you’d need much more with an iPhone 5 release.

The Retina display on the new iPad makes a world of difference thanks to a much bigger screen, when compared to the iPhone, and this is backed by quad core graphics and as seen here in our earlier review the graphics are a major step-up. When it comes to the new 6th generation iPhone Apple cannot get away with a minor update like they did with the iPhone 4S, especially when it comes to the design of the device.

What constitutes a worthy upgrade for the next iPhone? It might not come at WWDC 2012, but you can certainly expect a real “iPhone 5” this year, although what could be classed as a worthy upgrade will be different for each of us. You can expect LTE thanks to the iPad 3 getting this feature, although this news is not a big deal for the UK considering availability and how long it would take to cover most of the UK once it releases.

Give us massive improvements in battery life and screen size — two features that would sell an iPhone 5 to us would be extremely improved battery life, and of course a bigger screen size. The key point with the screen size is to get the balance right by not creating a big phone like some Android devices are, so this can be done by increasing the form factor slightly and having an edge-to-edge display.

If you own an iPhone 4 or 4S model, what do you consider an iPhone 5 upgrade worth buying into? By improving the quality of graphics and display the iPad 3 changed in a big way, but the same can happen with a new iPhone if the screen was increased in size smartly with enhanced graphics. Is this enough for you, and how would you like the design to change?

In Summary: Apple need to make big changes if they want 4S owners to upgrade, and you only need to look at the photo above this article that we took holding the iPhone 4S with an Apple bumper on, which shows a lot of wasted space that could be filled with an edge-to-edge display and helps keep form factor small for the pocket. Recent screen rumors can be read here in an earlier article.

Written by Daniel Chubb

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Samsung Galaxy SII has leapfrogged in front of IPhone, in terms of display both in quality (colour rendition, brightness, resolution) and size. In addition 4S seems slow in comparison. If iPhone 5 cannot surpass this, it will struggle in getting 4s users to buy into the iPhone 5 18 months ago the OS and appstore had the edge, now we are seeing the quirky Android OS, develop into a reliable feature rich, stable OS. ICS release provides a mature product, and Android Market Place is now a comfortable equal to apps store. iPhone was a game changer, but there are… Read more »


Why can’t they get away with keeping the design of the device the same? They could keep the same gorgeous looks and make the screen bigger, or even keep it the same (though bigger would be better) and just add a lot of new features and power. I’d rather it stays how it looks now than look cheapy and crappy. They only ever really changed the designs of their phone once – there was no disappointment in the 3gs looking the same as the 3g or almost the same as the 2g. They have only revolutionised with the phone twice (the original,… Read more »

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