AMD claims the Xbox 720 AI will provide intelligent GTA pedestrians

Yesterday we spoke about the graphics potential of the PS4 and Xbox 720, which saw some PC owners yawning at the idea of next-generation consoles. Some PC gamer’s feel that gaming on their current computers are far beyond games consoles, and with a few MODs the next-generation (PS4/Xbox 720) will be the same graphics as what PC’s have today.

The very idea was debated between gamers, with some people feeling that PC’s will always be more powerful than consoles, and the hassles are also increased with PC’s. Do you agree with this thought? On the other hand, some console gamers feel that PC gaming has better graphics now but when the next-generation consoles come it will be a few years before PC’s catch up.

It’s worth noting that the Xbox 720 (the name its become known as) and the PS4 are dedicated for gaming first and foremost, meaning that these systems are much better, cheaper, and easier for developers to create games on. The developers can get a lot more from the system as its designed with them in mind, or its meant to be.

What got our attention today was the news that AMD is claiming the Xbox 720 will top current PC graphics, which was published online by Examiner, and they quote the source as “August issue of OXM”. This is in direct contradiction to what some PC gamers feel right now, although the next-gen systems are still a couple of years away, maybe more, so its very hard to predict anything about them at this time, but this has not stopped AMD making a prediction.

The Xbox 360 had its graphics hardware supplied by AMD, so if anyone might know something about the Xbox 720 development, it could be AMD. Examiner reports the detail level in the Xbox 720 will be on the same level as Avatar, the James Cameron movie. Some people claim that this is still not possible on a PC with the best graphics, although we may disagree there.

AMD hasn’t confirmed if they’re working on the Xbox 720, Neal Robison of AMD did say that we’ve got a lot to be excited about when it comes to gaming on the next Xbox. What blew us away was a statement about A.I. in the next-gen hardware, its claimed that Robison said the A.I. will allow for games like Grand Theft Auto to have pedestrians that each have their own mentality. Gamers need to pause a moment, and just think about the potential of that possibility.

The scary thought of each Grand Theft Auto pedestrian having a personality. What is next for artificial intelligence?

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